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Give respect where it’s Jew (due)


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My maternal grandmother had French blood, my mother is Lucian, she father was Irish, muh father got Scottish ancestry, some Guyanese roots in there too, I is a Catholic, born and bred and will die a Catholic, so what dat mek de Vendor?
Supposing in addressing de Vendor, Sir Union Boss did refer to de Vendor as a Lucian Catholic, or a Scottish Catholic or Guyanese Christian? I might tell he something in return and from there on, things could get outa hand.
Dat Irish blood mix up wid all de other bits from Africa and Scotland and Lucian get muh in trouble many times, so I does learn to ignore certain things dese days like politicians, yardfowls, clowns pun de road and de nasty people who does pelt things pun de highway. I learn to suffer fools gladly and ah does smile and say “have a good day” when a fell give me wha’ de Trini brethren does call a “bad drive!”
Thanks, though, to Sir Union, I now aware of de Jews and realize how much connection I got to them. I also aware dat Bubbadus had Jews hundreds of years ago and dat de Jews did in business ’bout here long before we did have unions, a labour college, cricket and Kensington Oval, Government of de people, Warrens city centre, Limegrove and other important places.
As an altar boy at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, I went to Sunday school and learn ’bout de most famous Jew, son of a carpenter, Jesus of Nazareth! And we know what they did to him. Dese days, de words Jew and jewellery been in de news a lot, and a certain gorriliphant want to lead his people out of Egypt and into the promised land away from high taxes, water rates, land tax, 17 and a half VAT, no easement and where no manna is falling from de skies.
It seems dat my journey wid de Jews start at birth, muh godfather is a Jew and a very successful businessman whose name is a household name in Trinidad and Tobago and he owned and operated many high-end jewellery stores dat carry he name.
He is a respected citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, married a lovely Trini woman and I simply call him Uncle Hans, he came from Austria. I wonder iffing he ever get call an Austrian Jew by Sir Union? Den, one of muh eight sisters went and marry, you guessed it, a Jew, and dem got three children. So, de Vendor got a niece and two nephews who is Jews, born in Amurca but duh mudder is Bajan. Dem must be Bajan Jews!
I got a friend, born in Argentina, living in Israel, he children born there, in Israel, what dem is? Argentinianan Jews? A next frined, also from Argentina, living in Miami, also a Jew, so he might be an Argentinian Jew? I even got a sister we does call Jue!
Years ago, I introduce a sister by another mother, to a fella name Israel. I serious! Born in Russia, raise up in Canada, but wid a name like Israel he could only be a Jew!
Nuff years now dem happily married, clearly, she earned her Jew (due)!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear!


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