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Hope in times of trouble


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A DARK HORSE HAS emerged in the leadership race of a certain entity and those who bet are saying the person is being seen as the new hope if all goes wrong, as the signs seem to suggest will happen.
This individual has managed to elevate himself to the No. 3 position in the organization because of his no-nonsense and let’s-get-it-done approach. What is highly important, the clients of the grouping are beginning to look at him in a more favourable light.
And they argue that should the de facto (in practice) boss and the de jure (by right) one fall out of favour in any way, then this man could emerge as No. 1.
Of course, this man can only come to the fore if there is a swing away from his organization and, at the same time, the other two gentlemen lose favour when this occurs.
Those in the know say that from a statistical perspective, this man and the de jure boss are in a dead heat, while it would take an even bigger swing to move the de facto boss.
However, someone who keeps their eyes fixed on these matters told Cou Cou that on the ground this man seems stronger in his middle income community than the other two who ply their trade in primarily low income districts.
How it will all play out is anybody’s guess. But for sure the final say will be with this organization’s customers.
Ready to roll
STRIKE ACTION IS BREWING at another state corporation that is no stranger to controversy.
At the heart of the issue is the advertising of two supervisors’ jobs which were being done by two veterans for the last four years, seemingly without much complaint.
When the grumbling started management called in the union and laid their cards on the table to head off any problems, but the workers are still not happy about any moves to “diss” their colleagues.
From what Cou Cou is being told, the workers are looking to roll all over the corporation if their colleagues don’t get the picks.
Taking a 6 for a 3
TAKING A SIX FOR A NINE is something that happens to the best of us. Taking a six for a three – that’s just not heard of.
But, believe it or not, that is what happened at a certain organization recently.
In this case, the No. 3 has been pushed aside by the No. 6 and the latter will soon be flying out to enjoy some Latin comforts.
From what Cou Cou has gathered, a group was selected to showcase Bajan expertise and the person chosen to lead it – the No. 3 – could communicate best with the intended hosts. But, lo and behold, that individual was unceremoniously pushed aside from orders on high and the No. 6 brought in to do the honours.
The reason for this move? We don’t know, though some suggest it could be political.
What we do know though is that it means these Bajans may have to rely on their hosts to get someone to understand what they say.
Hanging up his boots?
A CERTAIN PERSON has told those closest to him that he is thinking seriously about hanging up his boots.
Some say he is doing this because he realizes colleagues in his organization are seemingly trying to reposition someone else to push him out.
For sure, the man who was once close to him, but is these days being seen and heard more than he is, seems to be the one angling to replace him.
But Cou Cou understands that someone who held the job he once did is entering the fray for consideration.
We will just have to wait until the big man speaks to know who will be the kid on the block.


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