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Battling the plague of grudging


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You shall not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbour as yourself: I am the Creator. ­– Leviticus 19:18
In the past few weeks, I engaged your interest about anger, telling lies, gossip and silent doctors. I now conclude this “mysterious May basket” by addressing the topic of holding grudges – deep-seated feelings of resentment or rancor.
A grudge is difficult to detect and sometimes you have to be a qualified professional to detect it. Nevertheless, if you are begrudging someone, healing can commence with silent doctors and professional care.
Constantly hatching schemes to humiliate and destroy the reputations of others is the primary way to determine whether your are plagued by grudging. A grudger must recognize that entrenched grudging may lead from worry and resentment to seething anger, bitterness and uncontrolled negative thoughts.
These may manifest in the physical and may include pain, elevated blood pressure, acid reflux, fever, hysteria, depression, insomnia, constipation, stomach ache, skin eruptions, diarrhoea, stress, tension and headache.  
Additionally, the causes of grudging are numerous and we in Barbados many feel the effects more because of a perceived close and competitive atmosphere. Topping my list of causes are low self-esteem, ingrained jealousy, lack of a “pretty car” or “big” house, low self-expectancy, being excluded from a particular social class, losing your way in life because of being distracted to do evil, not being motivated to serve your purpose, living an indifferent life, being engaged in negative criticism and self-talk, and hoping to be someone else.
It is important to note that in most cases, grudging destroys the health of the grudger moreso than the begrudged person. Healing includes:
(1) Talks with the Creator and applying forgiveness.
(2) Detox with Barbadian silent doctors to rid the body of those intense negative toxins by blending ginger, lime juice, golden apples and celery; or try aloe vera blended with fresh tamarind and mango juice.
(3) Restore positivity with blended pomegranate, celery and watermelon or cucumber and soursop juice.
(4) Research acid versus alkaline foods.
(5) Stop “dwelling” – instead, admit that you envy people.
(6) Establish within your mind that you cannot destroy someone without destroying yourself.
(7) Seek professional help.
(8) Exercise, train on the beach and sing.
Remember, when you bear grudges you are sucking the joy from your life.
DISCLAIMER: It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific claims for any products. Any attempt to diagnose or treat real illness should come under the direction of your health care provider.


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