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BLP COLUMN: BLP uplifts country


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The Barbados Labour Party’s dominance of the 2012 Budget Debate clearly crystallized, consolidated and justified why the party and its leader Owen Arthur were so positively and heavily favoured as the next Government by the general public in the most recent CADRES Poll.
The further and deeper imprinting of this picture in the psyche of the national audience following the debate begun with the major reply for the BLP by Mia Mottley, who first systematically demolished the shaky, superficial, old and tired arguments and policies of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler.
Having convincingly demonstrated that the old Sinckler and Democratic Labour Party proposals had failed miserably and the new ones would do no better in easing the pressure on individuals and businesses, Mottley then announced several BLP exciting alternatives.
The practical possibilities of the BLP’s alternatives have greatly elevated the hopes of downtrodden Barbadians for years depressed by the DLP’s prolonged refrain that it could do nothing to relieve our plight because of unfavourable international economic circumstances. She presented statistics showing that other countries, with characteristics similar to ours and operating in the same hostile world environment, had been recording economic growth because of their policies.
Mottley’s contribution has been overwhelmingly ranked among the most impactful and memorable replies in the annals of Parliament and it was followed by other BLP speakers who displayed an outstanding level of preparation, focus and teamwork and the willingness to pugnaciously expose the superficiality of the content of DLP speakers.
The BLP’s debating superiority ended on the same exceedingly high level on which it started, thanks to tested and proven former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Owen Arthur who had to rescue the House of Assembly debate from the muck and mire into which it had been plunged by a series of DLP speakers.
In truly statesman-like style and content, Arthur reaffirmed his authority and familiarity with the major issues with which Barbados still has to grapple because of the inertia and incompetence of David Thompson, Freundel Stuart and the whole DLP.
The supporting document Arthur displayed, The Cost of Inertia & Incompetence – What Doing Nothing Has Cost Each And Every Barbadian, is a must read that is available on   
The Dems not only showed incapability of mustering even one initiative to immediately make life better for Barbadians, but that they remained empty of visionary leadership, especially with Prime Minister Stuart.
Sinckler had let the country down with his insipid Budget and aggressive treatment of members of the private sector, a bullying tactic that was taken up by some colleagues. However, Stuart’s lengthy attempt to undermine Arthur’s credibility over an alleged
ten-year FBI report shocked, since the matter did nothing to ease national anxiety over the high cost of living, electricity, diesel and gas prices, the DLP’s withdrawal of tax-free allowances, the abrupt ending of two pensions for some public servants, rising unemployment and chronic lack of economic growth.
 On the other hand, Arthur showed much better leadership priorities and use of stamina by staying on his feet until past 2 a.m. last Friday to force Government’s postponement of a measure involving the University of the West?Indies and National?Insurance Scheme funds.
Beresford Leon Padmore is a psuedonymfor the Barbados Labour Party.


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