DEAR CHRISTINE: Pensioner on the prowl


Dear Christine,
I am minding my own business, but there is an elderly man – a pensioner – who drives a white car with the registration X…, but he does not live in Christ Church.
He frequents the Oistins, Christ Church area. Every woman who passes by, he must lust after.
When they fall for his sweet talk and he gets them in his car, he touches up their legs and asks for sex.
 I have a friend who was a victim. He took her to a cart road (which is dangerous) and when she refused, he put her out with all the dirty expressions.
He wears his cap pulled down on his face and his spectacles are darkly tinted. Talk is going around that he has something “dishing out”, as he is moving around with a woman whose partner died with the “virus”. People are wondering if he is the “island bull”.
This man has been my friend for years but I dare not say a word to him because he curses very badly.
Please reply to me and let me know if I should talk to him. Keep up the good work.
 Awaiting your reply!
Dear Beware Of The Prowler,
I want to believe that you are genuinely interested in making sure no one else falls victim to this man’s advances and that you are not merely setting this man up.
As a precaution therefore, I have printed your letter so that women  can be on the look out should this man approach them.
You have asked whether you should speak to him about his lifestyle. Since you said “he has been my friend for years”, I would tell you “yes”, go ahead and talk to him. I’m sure it would hurt you if you refused to confront him only to hear that someone out there did become a real
victim of his wicked schemes.


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