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Before I get into my sports story this week I gotta say this one thing tuh Government and the people at CBC: wunna does do we as wunna like, but look, not as long as wunna like, hear?
My mother used tuh always say dat the longest day got a final end.
Now fuh the past four years evahbody was holding duh breath and waiting fuh the Olympics in London.
People like me who at the time didn’t have cable had tuh rely solely on CBC; this time around, I got cable (STV, Multichoice, whatevah) and was expecting tuh turn on one o’ my channels and watch the London Olympics wid-out any bother because I paying fuh it; only tuh hear dat it ain’t gine happen.
Dat my channel blocked and I like anybody else, who ain’t got these services which CBC asking me tuh pay for, evah single month.
Well leh me tell wunna something, wunna ain’t easy at all. I suppose if a Government could be bailing wunna out wid millions o’ dollars whenevah wunna find wunnaselves up tuh wunna ears in debt, why the France wunna cahn do as wunna like?
Look, in less than five years CBC get $48 million from this Government tuh clear off duh debts. Yes! Duh get the first eight million when David Thompson was alive, when he give the Salvation Army one million, CLICO ten million and CBC eight million and now 40 million?
Wha’ I ain’t blame wunna, who could really blame wunna, ya’all got the Governments’ backing. I tell ya!
Another thing, you could imagine dat CBC ain’t even show the Kiddies Kadooment? The thing come and went long cool, cool so like nuhbody’s business.
Evah year I love tuh sit down and watch the kiddies doing duh thing and more than anything else, enjoy the creativity dat goes into those children costumes and the time spent conceptualizing and making dem. Ya cahn say the same thing fuh the big people wun ’cause dem does be only pretty brassieres and panties.
You know when I realize dat it was gone? Well it was the next day when I see a couple o’ pictures in the newspapers. Dat is really a shame, and now this.
I sat down in front o’ my TV tuh watch the opening o’ the Games and what gine salute me . . . cricket! Dah wasn’t the time fuh cricket, dat is like somebody saying duh cooking a pasta dish wid seafood and Alfredo sauce fuh you and when you sit down tuh eat and duh lift off the dish cover, it is cou cou and and salt fish: although ya like both, dah aint wha’ you was expecting at the time.
Whoever plan the Test match at dat time mussee know wha’ duh doing but tuh be honest, right now evahthing seems like it real mixed up. Ya got the Crop Over celebrations, Test cricket, other carnivals in a couple o’ the other Caribbean islands, the London Olympics all sort o’ things gine on.
Look, I ain’t know wha’ wunna doing hear?
I ain’t gine let CBC and duh lot o’ foolishness frustrate me boh, ya see me, I gine enjoy the li’l bit o’ the Games wunna suh grudgingly letting we see.
Fuh right now the long awaited Olympics is here at last wid about 240 countries participating in every kinda discipline you could think bout; and ya would know dat the Americans gine be coming out wid duh guns blazing tuh carry ’way, if not all, most o’ the medals. Ya know dem doan give up, dem does play dat dem is more gully-boars than anybody else.
Both the men and women did the dog in all the volleyball matches, in basketball and in the pool where evahbody was expecting Michael Phelps tuh run way wid the medals like he did in the Beijing Olympics four years ago.
Only this time around, the Frenchmen, the Aussies and the Germans and the very Great Britain was ready fuh he. I would say dat he had tuh work overtime fuh the few medals he got this time around.
Fuh the times I was watching, I think both American men and women carry away most o’ the medals suh far but I cahn wait tuh see my Caribbean people out there ‘pon the track burning it up, running way wid the medals and giving us something tuh shout bout.
I looking forward tuh the time when the few Caribbean athletes we have, out-perform the athletes from the rest o’ the world, putting we high up pon the map one more time.
I am earnestly looking forward tuh the time and day when we Caribbean governments will put duh heads together and invest in high tech facilities somewhere in the region and bring in top class trainers and coaches for our athletes like how China does do, like how Bahamas does do, like how America does do and like how Jamaica does do.
It ain’t got tuh be the biggest facility, just effective enough tuh keep the interest of the talented athletes when duh come outta school and bring the young Caribbean athletes tuh the Olympic standard every four years. This will definitely boost we Caribbean sports tourism.


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