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Oval fetes no party to residents


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ENTERTAINMENT PROMOTER CHETWYN STEWART does not agree with Minister of Education Ronald Jones that the country is holding too many fetes which are disturbing the peace.
“Only during Crop Over time do we have a lot of fetes,” Stewart told the WEEKEND NATION. “And these parties help to generate more income for lots of people. Crop Over and the parties help us all around financially so I don’t see how he wants us to cut out some of the fetes. He honestly don’t know what is going on,” Stewart added.
Stewart also said that when he hosted fetes at Kensington Oval he would inform the residents.
“I always inform the residents. I go to talk to them; I give them tickets or money. I even used to put people up in hotels for the night as a way of compensating them,” Stewart said.
However, when the WEEKEND NATION spoke to some residents around the Oval, they said they were fed up with the noise from fetes and wanted something done about it.
Desmond Ollivierre, who lives directly opposite the Kensington John Howard Gate on the east side, said that the noise has gone past unbearable.
“This problem needs to be controlled with a matter of urgency. I cannot bear it any longer. Every time there is a fete, my house vibrating, and I have to leave. It is not easy having to leave the comfort of your home to seek comfort elsewhere. It’s awful,” he said.
Ollivierre further said that not only did it affect his night’s rest but it was also very damaging.
“I just had to repair my fence, because people who were going to the Back 2 School fete lick it down. When the rains came down they bombarded my property for shelter and left it just so. A lot of them come through here all the time to go to the parties.
“They also come to park and block all the roads and you can’t get in and out of your houses. In order for me to get in my garage, I have to tell my boss I want to work morning so I can get home by a certain time and go in. If you tell them [the patrons] anything, they curse you ,” Ollivierre lamented.
Crystal Combs, another resident, said that she was fed up.
“Every weekend it’s the same thing. It gets overbearing at times. Four children live at this house, including babies, and at nights they cannot sleep. After a hard working day it is unfair to have to come home to all that racket,” Combs said.
She added: “If they are going to come and disturb us so, at least give us some compensation because it very unfair to us.”
President of the Society For A Quieter Barbados, Carl Moore, said he believed Barbadians had learned to live with the noise.
“I have said all I could say about the noise problems, but it seems to me that Barbadians tolerate the loud music now and that’s sad,” Moore said.
Furthermore, he said that there was no urgency by the Government to put a stop to it.
“Government is not serious about this noise issue at all. None of the environmental problems seem to stir the Government. We are not serious about grappling with the problem and it will only get worse,” he added. (DB)


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