THE CLICO forensic audit report was stolen, says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, and its contents did not accuse him, Government or late Prime Minister David Thompson of anything.
In a biting speech to climax the Democratic Labour Party’s 57th annual conference at the George Street Auditorium yesterday, Stuart said the report had ended up being merely an interim one, with no final conclusions about any of the matters which were being investigated.
Stating that after the Opposition had generated excitement over the issue, one would have thought Barbados was about to implode, Stuart added that when he eventually saw the report by way of the Ministry of Finance, he discovered it had accused the Government, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and his late predecessor of “nothing”.
“The Prime Minister was roundly condemned for not commenting on a report that he had not seen. And he had not seen that report because at the time he was being condemned the report was in unauthorized circulation because it had been stolen.


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