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DEAR CHRISTINE: Friend rejecting a good man


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Dear Christine,
Greetings in the name of the Lord!
I had to write this letter to you because God don’t like bad or ugly. We as women speak about how bad the men are horning and treating us, but what about what some women do to them?
I am a girl and I have this girlfriend who had this nice fellow that was very good to her, her children and family.
When this fellow met my friend, she had nothing; only a young child whom the father did not support. She put the child’s father in court to get child support, and this man told her to take the man out of the court because he still was not paying any child maintenance.
This same man then turned around and made them look like queens on the road. She and her daughter would dress in the latest fashion and she often outshone all of us. He then built her a nice home.
Whatever she wanted she got – even driving lessons and a car.
Yet, Christine, my friend would cheat on this fellow with a lot of men.
I never told him anything because it was not my business, but I believe he knew what was happening. However, because he loved her he said nothing. He even told me himself he wanted to marry her in 2003.
Unfortunately, he got into trouble with the law and was imprisoned.
My friend promised to stick by his side no matter how long it took. But the same night he got held by the police, she had a man in his house. She used to say how good he was to her and her daughter but as soon as he got into trouble she deserted him.
She wouldn’t go and look for him or send him a letter. Yet, he continued to send postcards for her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas Day.
She never sent him any. In fact, she got pregnant for another man.
Her daughter is a big girl now and has two children for one of her mother’s old-time boyfriends. He beats her up and curses her all the time. He does not give her anything for the two children and disrespects her in front of everybody.
Christine, my friend is now pretending to go to church every Sunday because she is interested in a gentleman who attends church. She told me his wife died some time ago and he has money.
Christine, I am wondering when this fellow gets released from prison within the next couple of months what my friend is planning to tell him or to do? The house is his and he has done so many things. I cannot write about all of them.
Christine, I am wondering what this gentleman that my friend is seeing will think of her when he finds out what kind of person she is and what she used to do. I know for sure she cannot keep one man.
It is hurting me to see what my friend did to this nice man. He does not deserve that kind of treatment.
Please, Christine please write and let me know what you think about my letter. Sorry for taking up so much of your time and space.
I’m not sure you are going to like what I will say about your letter.
 First and foremost, you do not strike me as a friend, yet throughout your letter, which had to be edited substantially, you keep referring to this young girl as your friend.
Obviously, this woman trusts you enough to tell you much about her personal life. If you truly care, you would sit her down and give her fitting advice. If you cannot do this, I suggest you take your nose out of her business.
Putting her information out in full public view is not the right thing to do.
In any case, what goes around usually comes around. This woman will eventually pay for any wrong she has done, but so will you.


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