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Raised the child I got from rapist


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Dear Christine,
I am not writing to you to get advice, but I want to share an experience with you which I know will touch or maybe change some people’s way of thinking.
I was 19-years-old when I was practically raped. I had a choice when I discovered that I was pregnant. My choices were to have the child or have an abortion. I decided to have the child. Christine, it was not easy. My child has never had a father because I never felt I should expose him to a man who raped me when I was saying “no, no, no” throughout the ordeal.
Some friends told me to abort the child, but I told them I would not. The child was not responsible for his conception. He was innocent.
At such a young age, I was totally unprepared for pregnancy and raising a child on my own, but my parents, although they were very annoyed at first, decided to show me love and give me the emotional and other support I needed.
I remember the day he came into this world. I was happy; single but happy. I struggled to raise my son and to give him all the love I could possibly give.
Christine, today my son is 24-years-old. He has just completed his first degree and is going on to complete his second degree. He has his eyes set on becoming an attorney-at-law or an engineer – thus his reasons for pursuing both careers.
Christine, can you think of how I would have robbed the world of another bright mind or of how I would have stopped a life from making such a positive impact on his family, his community and possibly the world?
My son is a born-again believer, who is willing to stand up for truth and what is right. I would have robbed him big time!
Now, to my point! I read in one of your publications last week how a leading figure at the Family Planning Association was making a plea to the relevant authorities for young girls to have abortions. He is way out of line! Has he given thought to what would have happened if his mother had aborted him?
Doesn’t he realize that because his mother decided to bring him into the world that that’s the reason why he is here today? It’s not only him I’m addressing, but all those people out there who believe that abortions are simply okay. I disagree!
I have great respect for those in the Catholic Church who stand up and declare that abortions are wrong. Each day I look at my son I thank God that I made the wise choice to bring him into this world. And, even if I was 12 or 13-years-old when I was raped, I’ll still want to give this child a chance to live and prove himself.
After all, it’s a life we’re talking about, not a spot of blood. When a woman gets pregnant, she is pregnant with a child – another human being.
Oh, and by the way, those who did not read the story of that young man in last Sunday’s paper, should do so. Didn’t he talk about seeing those children he robbed of having a life on earth dressed in their splendour in Heaven?  Case closed!
– Marcelle
Dear Marcelle,
Your letter is touching and thought-provoking. I agree that abortions are wrong and that from the moment a woman conceives it’s a life that is growing inside of her – another human being.
Thanks for sharing your heart and for pin-pointing to those who may think otherwise, that each child that is conceived deserves the right to live.


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