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Little pity on Garcia


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Cuban Raul Garcia, who is still at Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds, is not getting a lot of sympathy from the public on his plan to stage a second hunger strike in a few days if he is not released.
His lawyer David Comissiong on Wednesday said the 57-year-old was “very disappointed” that he was still in prison and was prepared to restart the hunger strike he ended in?February this year.
Garcia was convicted in 1994 of several cocaine-related charges and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He completed that sentence two years ago, but remains in jail awaiting a decision on his future because neither Cuba nor the United States, where he was a citizen, would take him.
Many NATION online readers said they believed that Garcia, because of the crime he committed, had to accept the consequences that followed.
Here are some of their responses:
Erin Harewood: To think that Mr Garcia could come into Barbados to feed poison to our youngsters and we are stuck with him is a bitter pill to swallow. We are forced to take our nationals who learnt their criminal craft outside of Barbados and now we must be stuck with the criminals of other countries too? It’s not like he was legitimately living in Barbados before he got involved in crime.
He needs to go back to whichever country he holds “papers” for.
If allowed to go on hunger strike he will probably die. If let out into our society I wonder how many will die or become “living dead” because of him? In fact, I wonder how many have already reached that status because of his previous activities. A vexing situation indeed.
Reva Martin: I just don’t see why the burden lies with Barbados to maintain his well-being.
Forgive my ignorance, but if both countries that he is a citizen of don’t care for him, why should Barbados have to take that burden?
Donna Trotman: Maybe, just maybe, if he had remained a good boy and stayed in Cuba, then he wouldn’t have any reasons to strike, but Mr Garcia, you are in Barbados. No fault of others; but you can choose any part of the world and go there, then you wouldn’t have a need to strike again.
Donna Springer: He should have thought about this when he was bringing in the drugs. How many lives have been ruined by drugs, how many thefts, murders? Start wrong, will end wrong. If he doesn’t want to eat, that is his choice.
Compiled by Carol Martindale.


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