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Husband likes to be with other women


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Dear Christine,
I have been married for 12 years. Almost all of that time my husband has taken up with women of all ages. The most recent one is a girl of 19.
We have had many quarrels over these affairs and it’s been very painful for me. The affairs do not last very long and I keep hoping and praying that each one would be the very last.
Apart from his affairs, my husband can be considered a man who looks out for his family and helps whoever he can. Why is it necessary for him to run around like he does?
At times I think about leaving him but our children are still very young and since my relatives live abroad, I tend to keep to myself. That would make it hard for me to find someone else to love me and the children.
– M.C.
Dear M.C.,
I am sorry to hear about your situation. Some wives will do all they can to keep their family intact and it seems you are doing so by sticking with your husband who, despite his many affairs, still provides for you and the children.
I cannot encourage you to leave your husband.
I can only hope that he will one day wake up and be a more responsible husband and father by dropping these affairs and being loyal to you and the children.


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