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Husbands after BFA top spot


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FOR THE PAST 28 YEARS he has had an intimate relationship with the Barbados Football Association (BFA).
Now Charles Husbands is looking to take that relationship to the next level.
Husbands, who has served as senior assistant secretary at the BFA for almost three decades, has joined Ricky “Laker” Williams in revealing his plan to run for presidency  when the association holds its annual general meeting on Sunday.
In a telephone interview with NATIONSPORT yesterday, Husbands said he believed with his years of experience, background and adequate knowledge of the sport he was the perfect man for the job.
And amidst speculation that both Randy Harris and Mark Armstrong are also set to run for the top spot, he says he is “not worried”.
“With my experience and with my background, I decided that it was time for me to run for president where I could ably put them to use,” he said.
“I’ve been hearing about all kinds of people who are supposed to be running for president, but that is not my concern. I am not worried about anyone.
“I have decided to run because I think that I have something to offer to the organization and I am putting my reputation out there on the table.”
Having served the BFA since 1984, Husbands, who has undertaken several FIFA administrative and management courses, said there was a need for the BFA to make the sport more community based.
He believes that issues such as the need to assist coaches and clubs and the development of an effective club structure need to be addressed if football in Barbados is to go forward.
“One of my main plans is to improve the current structure of football in Barbados at the club level by allocating finances which we receive from FIFA to help coaches and players.
“Once we look after the coaches of the Premier League and we focus on the youth teams and the youth coaches, everything else will fall into place,” he reasoned.
“I also plan to outline a strategic framework to ensure that everyone reaps the riches.
“We need to look back at our past successes on and off the football field and pinpoint what we did right so that we can return to our glory days.
“Right now we are lacking vision and that is something that I definitely intend to bring to the table, a vision for the BFA,” Husbands added.
The elections will be held at Deighton Griffith School from 11 a.m.


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