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Happy feet


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Bulging hamstrings, powerful quadriceps, well defined teardrops and calves are cherished by most men who frequent gyms. We women also admire them.   
Consequently, I took note last week when men expressed concern about this column’s featuring legs and feet of women and not a mention of them.  
Braving that bad weather very early Friday morning, I entered the Valley Fitness Zone to do cardiovascular exercises. What saluted me were two classics – Patrick Harris and Jeffery Gay training their legs with vigour and passion, namely target-training for the WNBF World Championships in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States, November 9 and 10.
Their legs are impressive sights to behold, full of strength, size and power. In fact, their legs are healthy and well developed – carved, ripped and muscular.
Conversely, we have too many male amputees. Therefore we need men’s cooperation to rid Barbados of its unsavoury reputation as “amputation capital of the world”.
My legs are behaving passionately and are still on a programme with silent doctors. I did my intensive leg work and my “glutes” are stiff – believe me, a good leg workout with squats forms a more defined and firmer butt. Also, a massage with comfrey and nettle oil usually assists my bones.   
Incidentally, readers requested that I address “tired, aching feet and silent doctors”. They are concerned about a burning, tired sensation in the feet.
First and foremost, please note that wearing tight high-heel shoes and sitting at a desk for hours without walking around or even standing up and stretching once in a while has its disadvantages.
Feet that are not moisturized, massaged and rested by lying down at home or putting them up on a chair at work will not be happy. Most people get up in the morning, groom their faces and hair but place little emphasis on the legs and feet. Care of the legs and feet includes proper nutrition, rest and exercise.
Furthermore, soak the feet in warm water with lemon grass, grated ginger and nutmeg each night.
Crush soursop and pop-a-gun leaves and apply them to tired feet. Go to the beach and allow the sand and water to massage them.
Additionally, place Pride of Barbados and marigold flowers in a glass bowl with water and leave in the sun. When the essence is extracted, use it to soak the feet. Massage the feet with an oil containing dried tamarind leaves. Teas of turmeric and pear leaves will cleanse and relax you.
Silent doctor leg and feet formulas are safe and effective; try them and savour magical moments.
• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted at or call 250-6450.
Disclaimer: It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific health claims for any products. Any attempt to diagnose and treat real illness should come under the direction of your health care professional.


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