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MAVIS BECKLES: The things we do tuh children


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Well, since the people in parliament pass the new law ’bout women getting fifty dollars for each child if the father or fathers doan pay up the child support money, I have been hearing some o’ all kinds o’ talk from some o’ all kinds o’ people.
Well, you would know dat the women would be more vocal, especially the ones who got children and had it rough bringing dem up by demselves. Even some o’ dem women who never had tuh go through the humiliation of going tuh the courts fuh child money when the month come was lambasting and blistering the men wid duh tongues.
I hear one woman say dat it serves all o’ duh right. She ain’t feel fuh none o’ duh, dat all a lot o’ duh does do is walk bout and get women pregnant – as some o’ dem does say, “breed women”; dropping duh seed all ’bout the place like a stray dog. She say dat the Government should have a special place in St Philip, where a lot o’ dem should go and depending pon the amount o’ children they have and refuse tuh support, treat dem the same way.
Another woman say dat she couldn’t care less, dat it should be more, dat duh should get embarrassed as duh names should be published in the papers just like how duh does publish dem public notices. She say dat she ain’t feeling fuh none o’ dem; she say nuh child ain’t ask tuh be born and if it comes into this world, it should be protected and looked after and dat the parents should be mature enough tuh look out fuh it.
Another woman was a little more fair and objective. She said dat all men ain’t as bad as how a lot o’ women make dem out tuh be; dat women does do some o’ all kinds o’ wickedness tuh the men just because the men decide dat duh ain’t want nothing more tuh do wid dem.
She said dat duh does get spiteful and vindictive and decide dat if he ain’t want dem, whoeveah he got gine feel her wrath and even though the man might be giving what he could afford, as far as she is concerned, um ain’t enough embarrassment.
Another woman said dat she cahn understand how the Government could do something like this. She said she thinks dat the Government encouraging these men tuh get off scot-free giving dem the green light tuh “breed” women as duh like, when duh like and then doan suh much as look back tuh see how the poor children getting by.
A woman say dat some men does go all out fuh duh children and even though dem and the children mothers ain’t in nutten, duh always there and present in duh children’s lives. She say she know fuh a fact about a situation that nuh matter what the man do, it doan be good enough. She went on tuh say dat she knows howevah slight, the man does support he two sons, but because he ain’t wukking at the kind o’ job where he could be brekking down the child mother hands wid money when the week comes, she still put he in court. It hurt he tuh he heart.
I hear dat attorney Verla De Peiza speaking pon the CBC TV programme The People’s Business last Sunday night, and one o’ the things dat stood out was when she was saying dat buying groceries doan count as maintenance, dat the man has tuh pay the actual money. I had tuh laugh. She ain’t know some women in trute – all women ain’t the same, hear? While duh got some women who does make sure duh children eat and drink the best, another set does do the opposite. That is why some men does say the woman cahn spend duh money, not when duh could hear their children complaining, telling dem dat duh ain’t getting certain things he knows he give her money tuh get.
Look, these kinda women saying dat duh ain’t getting nutten fuh the children ya know, dat the man ain’t giving enough, but duh hands, neck and ears does be brekking down wid the lot o’ gold and duh does be in the latest fashions all the time; nutten doan pass dem, but dem and duh children scrunting and the man in court fuh child money.
Some men are genuinely good fathers and want tuh be there fuh their children even though dem and the children mothers ain’t in nothing; they recognize dat at the end of the day it is about the children’s welfare, their future. I only hope and pray dat big people, adults and parents would see what they are doing tuh their children and making dem become.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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