Thursday, April 25, 2024

Politicians an’ all duh big promises!


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Dear Nesta,
Chile, yuh see wuh dat Sandy do wid Amurica las’ week?
Wuh, Jamaica was lucky enuff, when yuh t’ink ’bout it! Dat storm massacrete New Jersey an’ New York, mos’ly. Nuff lives get los’, people lose duh homes, up to now, de power still out, so people freezin’ like nobody bizness, an’ all in all, t’ings look bleak! I believe it gine tek some while befo’ life get back to normal up dey. Dem po’ people really need we prayers, hear?
I wonder ef it gine affeck de elections, neh? Well, we gine know by tonight wuh happenin’, but I still bettin’ ’pon my boy, Obama. Lord have ’Is mercy, ef ’e does win, dat po’ man in fuh some blows dese nex’ four years – ’e hair grey now, but it gine be snowy white when evuht’ing done! I been tryin’ to follow wuh gine on dese pas’ weeks an’ it seem as ef de Republicans din cool out a-tall durin’ dis campaign. Wid money to burn, duh certainly din fuhget to use it to try an’ get rid o’ Barack.
Tek Mr Donal’ Trump! He believe dat wid ’e millions, he could rule anybody in dis worl’ – an’ even beyon’, ef yuh ax me! He might got dollars but it seem ’e still need some “sense”, wuh yuh say? Now, yuh would onderstan’ why I done watchin’ De Apprentice!  
Well, de Amurican elections done an’ we bell still to ring, but whenevuh dah happen, it en gine be no corned beef an’ biscuits dis time, I could tell yuh – bare Grantleys, Grantleys an’ mo’ Grantleys! De sleepin’ giant now wake up an’ evuhbody waitin’ to see wuh gine tek place – de suspense so great, I hope it don’ kill we!
Meantime, yuh cyahn believe what a pleasure it is to see an’ hear de Prime Minister dese days! He bizzy enuff. Ef yuh don’ see ’e ’pon TV at night, yuh sure to ketch ’e in de newspapers nex’ day! ’E all ’bout, gettin’ to know we, an’ wid de t’ought o’ elections in de air, evuhbody linin’ up  fuh a “meet an’ greet”! Philomena tryin’ she bes’ to be in de right place at de right time, hopin’ ’gainst hope dat she could remin’ de PM ’bout she situation wid CLICO! I wish she luck!  
De Bees now buzzin’ ’bout wid all manner o’ purty promises to save we Bajans! Low lan’ tax, VAT back to 15 per cent, no tax ’pon allowances, privatizin’ CBC, an’ wuhevuh ethuh goodies we might need! All dah soun’ like pure honey, but I goin’ t’rough dese words not once, but twice, to see whey de “bitter” part hidin’! De very nex’ day, I read dat de Barbados Economics Society say dat ef all dese t’ings happen, it gine “create a mess” in de economy, Mr Sinckler warn we it is jes’ a “ploy” to ketch votes – an’ he should know – an’ a university lecturer call it an “election gimmick”! All dese people got big brains, so who I mus’ believe, neh? Dis is jes’ tummuch fuh my li’l Brumley brain, faif – muh po’ head swingin’!  
Well, time gine tell an’ de bes’ man gine win!
Hey, I nearly fuhget to tell yuh! Dah comedy show Pampalam get invite to New York to put on a show nex’ Sundy, de 11th, an’ I sorry enuff yuh cyahn hop ‘cross to de Big Apple to see dem in action – yuh would get some good fun! Duh en had a show hey dis year, but duh got big plans fuh April nex’ year, so see ef yuh could stretch yuh pocket an’ come down ‘roun’ dah time, do! We en know how long we got to live, so leh we enjoy weself when we could!
Tek care o’ yuhself,Yuh frien’ Babsie!              


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