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DE MARKET VENDOR: Names that parents are giving to their children


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The business of naming offspring is seasonal and yuh could almost tell what era a person born in, simply by de name de parents give them. If de girlchild name Petula, yuh know she name after a songbird in de ’60s and if she name is Bianca, yuh know dat Mick Jagger sexy former wife was de reason fuh de pick. When last you hear a girl chile name Ildene, or Patsy, Mary, Martina or Pansy? Anybody wid dem names over 70 or 100 years old!
A name can sometimes tell which island a fella from. Iffing a fella name Annicetus, you know he is Lucian. If yuh father name yuh Vladimir, I bet he was a fan of a former or present Russian leader! If you see a lot of babies wid de name Alison, Shontelle, Amanda, Britney, Beyonce or Rihanna, it easy to work out who de parents see as idols. These days li’l harder to read ’cause babies got some really fancy names dat don’t mean nothing, like Shiquan, Shannia and other variations.
Bajan parents does do some strange things to boy children. How de hell yuh could name a boy Patsy? A big strapping man and he name Shirley? No joke. Francis could be a boychild just as easily as it could be a girlchild.
We not alone. In America dem does come up with some strange names and now dat de Amurcan elections over and my boy Barack is President again, I gine bet that nuff boy children born during dis period gine get baptize Barack! But I done know dat not too many children gine be named Mitt. Come to think ’bout it, I never hear ’bout nobody name Mitt and I know it gine be some years before Sarah popular again; Miss Palin mek sure of dat.
I predict though that de recent hurricane might produce a lot of Sandy-related names. Boys and girls might carry dat name in future and some variations too, like Storm!
Now dat West Indies finally getting back to the winning ways, yuh might find some youngsters names after some of today team members. Just like we had many Garys, Rohans, Vivs and others of bygone eras of greatness, we just might get some fans going fuh de names of today’s stars.
And while we naming names, I see the Petraeus/Paula Broadwell matter not gine away at all. De two of dem must be regretting de li’l pleasures dem had together. After all, it couldn’t be worth all de confusion and humiliation dat follow, he career in tatters and she marriage I predict pun de rocks. She and hubby spending time together trying to patch up things. I Market would love to be a fly pun de wall fuh dem conversations! How she gine explain dat to de husband, how much he gine want to know and if she tell he, yuh tink he gine be able to handle it?
I doubt dat, so dem better find two good lawyers and start carving up de estate. As fuh Petraeus, by de time de madam done wid he, he gine be lucky to have de Four Star General medals he use to wear so proudly.
Dave Elcock pun 610 radio used to play a song pun morning radio in Trinidad years ago called, Where Have All The Heroes Gone?
Now Elmo resign from Sesame Street because of improper sexual relations. Elmo? De puppet? Puppets can percolate? Somebody say it is not so!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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