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DE MARKET VENDOR: Harsh words about T&T hunger striker


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On OCM Network news I hear ’bout Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, University of the West Indies lecturer on hunger strike to get de government of Trinidad to reroute a highway he say gine cause major environmental damage, Kamla equally adamant de project will not be stopped. Dr Kublalsingh lost nearly 50 pounds and look like de walking dead!
I admire a man who prepared to die fuh he convictions, not even drinking water. By de time dis article reach de NATION he might be dead!
De reaction of de ruling party fascinating. At a meeting last week dey say some terrible things. For example: after he done protesting, he does go to a private house and have a hearty meal every night! A minister call he a spoilt child, saying he only acting and not on any hunger strike. But de most brutal, even by he standards, was my boy, National Security Minister Austin “Jack” Warner, saying Dr Kublalsingh is a con man and he should hurry up and kill heself!
Wunnah shocked? Not me!
De Vendor want to learn from Jack because it sound like Jack know how to recognize a con man. Maybe, like Vendor, he get burn many times by con men; he clearly got de ability to recognize a con man when he see one. Dis expertise rare; most of us don’t recognize a con when we see one. De Vendor relying pun Jack to define a con man.
In my experience I keep repeating de same mistake and it usually got to do wid money. Example: a fella driving taxi fuh years transporting De Vendor and family to de airport. So when he ask for a li’l’ loan because things about to get repossess, I lend dis God-fearing Christian my hard-earned money and never see de man nor de money again!
Iffing Jack was advising me, ah could hear he in tie-tongue style: “Vendor, ah telling yuh, dat is a con man!” Jack, I woulda trust you because of your expertise in recognizing con men!
A fella went to school wid me. After school I support he promotional events. A true friend, I thought! He bring a proposal saying he does bring shrimp from Guyana, he got orders but he don’t have upfront money. Foolish me tek hard-earned money, nearly five grand, and lend de man. I still looking fuh de money or what de Guyanese does call strimps! I got my sword sharpen ’pun both sides in case I run into he one day coming!
I could hear Jack: “Vendor, ah . . . . How come he got orders but no money, eh? He so successful, leh he go to a bank. Vendor, dat is a another true, true con man!”
De way I see it, Jack have experience in dese matters, so I want to learn from Jack. When did you first recognize con men? What is de DNA of a con man? How do you out-con a con man so you don’t get con? Where you get dis expertise?
Jack, I trust you. A man of high office, you does call a spade a shovel and a con a . . . . Well, I can’t use de words you woulda use!
Jack, I tired of getting burn wid con men and women. Wid dem, it cost me jewellery, dinners, lunches and trips overseas! Jack, if I only had de money I lost to con men, I could be buying Republic Bank shares Bubbadus selling to TnT below market value! Or is dat a con too? Help me, Jack. Right now I con-voluted!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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