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Silent doctors good for children


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THE VILLAGE CALLED WONDERLAND stood still as the voice of the storyteller pierced the forest. Near the cottage Mr Belly’s evil stepsister stood over the fire with her spell book, preparing fried chicken and macaroni pie for the children. But little did she know that would be her last meal as the fairy waved her magic wand.
Now, the evil stepsister had three children and Mr Belly had invited them to celebrate Kwanzaa.
For years these children suffered gravely under the evil hands of this stepsister who never fed them Barbadian silent doctors. She profusely fed them potato chips, caffeinated beverages, pizza, red meat, chocolate, lollipops and corn curls.
Sitting like gluttons in the house and never exercising, they looked like badly rolled Bajan dumplings.
Mrs Belly, who was a fairy when she married Mr Belly, nearly collapsed when she greeted them, so she took them by the river to see their reflections. They were jolly to see what they thought was Santa Claus, then shockingly recognized the reflections to be their own massive waistlines and not Santa’s.
Again because of her compassionate love for her husband, Ms Belly took care of the children.    
First, she removed the spell that made the children think unholistic foods were healthy. Immediately she gathered pomegranates and limes and made tea.
She also gave them cassava porridge with raisins, and nutty, spiced pumpkin bakes with honey, followed by a zesty tamarind drink to cleanse their systems. The children devoured that meal.
With the spell broken, the children were delighted to skip for 25 minutes, do abdominal and other exercises, and drink water.
In the afternoon Ms Belly fed them stir-fried fish with silent doctors and a tossed salad. Dinner was a seasoned soup with carrots, broccoli and ginger. Bajan cherries, golden apples, dunks, tamarinds and guavas became their snack foods.
These and other holistic items were the correct foods to serve the children. In nine months the children entered the children’s body-building show. The judges from unhealthy villages marvelled and asked if they were angels from heaven.
The children earnestly pleaded with the Ministers of Health and Education not to be returned to the evil stepsister for fear of redeveloping big bellies but, at last, life changed for the children.
As the evil stepsister ate more and more unholistic food, she unwittingly turned herself into a frog. To this day she is seen hopping around the enchanted forest near Ilaro Court.
As for the children, they lived happily ever after.
•  Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted at or call 250-6450.
• DISCLAIMER:?It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific health claims for any products Any attempt to diagnose and treat real illness should come under the direction of your health care professional.


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