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The good,  the funny, the ugly, the weird


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LAST YEAR, 2012, was a mixed bag; it had de good, bad, ugly, funny and de weird! The year 2012 will be long remembered as de year when my boy Barack Obama proved that 2008 was no fluke, dat a black man can rise to the highest office in de land of the most powerful country in de world. Dat was good! Anybody hear lately ’bout Mitt Whatshisnameagain?
Politics is a strange game – one day yuh spending billions of dollars, de next yuh can’t even muster two people fuh a Press conference!
Bad, real bad was dat same campaign; wunnah spend $6 billion pun a presidential campaign while poor people living pun de streets and others living off food stamps? Dat bad!
De West Indies became world champions in de World T20 championship. A long time coming, but how sweet it was to see de boys pun top again! Dat was real good!
Revelations coming out of Trinidad in de CLICO enquiry into de financial fiasco of dat company and British American reveal some disgusting things. I hope dat de long arm of de law gine deal wid de guilty, dat poor people gine get justice and duh money back, ’bout here too! Dat was very ugly!
 Kirani James from de Spice Isle of Grenada bringing home de first gold ever in de Olympics breezing to de finish line, TnT winning one after 36 years and de sprint kings and queens from de Land of Wood and Water mekking mock sport of de rest, wid Usain Bolt blazing round de track and bringing glory to de Caribbean, dat wasn’t just good – it was amazing!
In 2012 and I suspect 2013 and beyond we spending millions of hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars fuh something called CARICOM and dis region nuh closer to a united region than 40 years ago. It is a disgrace dat dis region cannot come together – everybody still trying to paddle dem own canoe.
My girl Rihanna getting bigger by de day, hit songs rolling out like maxis from de bus stand in rush hour, endorsements left, right and centre, gorgeous to look at, a delight to listen to. De latest single Like a Diamond blow me away, de vocals mature, some of de best I hear from she, a little girl from a little place showing de world dat size don’t matter. De Vendor gine tek comfort from dat one!
De Vendor at de Food and Wine festival mekking a bathroom run and waiting to get in a stall when eventually de door open and out calmly walk two men! Wha kind of wufless behavior is dat? Definately weird!
And then there is mum, God bless her, at 93 in good health. Overheard mum talking to one daughter, muh sister, ’bout fear: “I fear one night he gine dead in he sleep and I not gine know who to call and gine sleep wid a dead man all night.”
Wha so funny? He is ten years younger than she! So muh sister say: “My worst fear, Mum, is dat me and my husband die and who gine ek girl of my one girl child!”
Hear mum: “Don’t worry, darling. If wunnah dead I will tek care of she fuh wunnah; yuh don’t have nothing to worry bout!”
You go, mum, wid dat attitude, yuh gine live to 200!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful New Year, yuh hear!


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