Moore is a 100 and feeling fine


Frank Moore is 100 years old and feeling fine.
He became Barbados’ newest centenarian yesterday and spent his special day celebrating with family and friends. He also had a visit  from Governor General  Sir Elliott Belgrave.
Surrounded by  well-wishers at his Bannister Land, George Street, St Michael home,  a fresh and vibrant-looking Moore chatted with Sir Elliott, who noted that Moore’s appearance defied his years.
The Governor General told him he looked like  he could live to see another ten or 15 years.
Moore proved his memory was still intact  as he spoke about his younger days. Moore,  a widower, worked as  a carpenter but later  gave up that trade  for a conventional job after the work became  “too slow”.
 He also worked  at Barbados Ice Company in Bay Street.
As he celebrated his birthday, he said: “I feel all right. It is something  I was looking forward to.”
Moore has two daughters, Cecilia and Merline, and a son, Leroi.  He lives with Cecilia,  who does the cooking  and cleaning and takes care of him.
Not one to pick and choose his food, he eats everything but has  a special liking for cou-cou and “any kind of fish”.
“Once you could cook cou-cou, you could cook,” he told Sir Elliott.
The centenarian had  a slight problem with hypertension, Cecilia said, but other than that he was as healthy as ever.
Moore attends  St Ambrose Church every Sunday, and he had some advice for everyone on how they could reach  a ripe old age just like  he did: “Live to God.”
Parliamentary representative for the area Richard Sealy also joined the celebrations and congratulated Moore  on reaching his milestone, remarking that Moore  was a pillar  of the community.
The day’s celebrations included lunch with friends and relatives. (LK)


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