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DLP COLUMN: Decent politics


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The public can now judge the full intention of the Opposition. The unapologetic Opposition has been busy at misleading the public and seeking to contrive a narrative. This narrative is constructed on a false premise characterized by the attempts of Owen Arthur’s dream of a second coming.
The campaign started by the Barbados Labour Party has been authored with political smut at an all-point low and speeches from the platform blasting the dead. This incredible strategy is further underpinned by the new messiah look of Arthur wearing a  stole while addressing the audience that apparently grew by the time the BLP had placed their ad in the daily newspaper.
One must credit the Opposition with persistence of untruths and stretching the imagination of the voter. The message of the BLP that the Democratic Labour Party has overstayed our welcome – has not resonated with the public. The only persons who seemed to believe the rhetoric of the BLP are the loyal supporters.
They have also described the Minister of Housing as not delivering. Another untruth. Can you imagine the Opposition offering a critique of the stellar performance of the Honourable Michael Lashley?
Their’s was a three-term Government who left in shame after abusing the mandate of the National Housing Corporation by constructing office building; a three-term Government who felt it was necessary to conceal a  fuel tax imposed on the backs of taxpayers as part of the policy arrangements to raise revenues.
The same political offenders designed an online campaign that has redefined political discourse that will probably be unmatched by any other political party in the region. In this regard, the Arthur-led BLP must take a bow for creating political history.  They have sought to create an issue out of calling a general election. Yet, their stalwart and anti-Owen party member, Sir Louis Tull, was at pains to point out who has the power to call elections.
One can only interpret from the BLP’s stalwart, who once described himself as an outside child, that our education has not failed us. These comments were made while addressing the launch of a very low-key activity of the St Michael West camp.
It is ironic that the matter was discussed at the launch of a school of politics. Where were the Arthurs, Mias and Dales? It is befitting of the new institution to teach students the rudiments of political ethics and civic responsibilities. The political venom which has engulfed the Arthur campaign should act as a beacon to enlighten the voters. The Barbados Labour Party has pursued a course of action in their campaign that speaks to every reason why they should be kept in opposition.
There can be no doubt our educational system has stood the test of time. The voters here are watching on in disgust as the BLP takes the public for granted in their act of a grab for power. Barbados should reflect upon words of the Father of Independence, the late Errol Walton Barrow: What mirror image do we have of ourselves?  
Party leader and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has been constant in his decent politics, as we seek to re-engage the public this upcoming general election. We have stayed clear of the political deceptions and remained on the road of performance. We will be asking the public very shortly to stay calm and vote Dems.
• Douglas Leopold Phillips is a pseudonym for the Democratic Labour Party.


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