I CONFESS: Should have treated her a lot better


Why is it that when we have good women we don’t appreciate them until it’s too late and they are gone from us?
When we have them we think they are miserable, fretful and always nagging, but when we look back they only wanted what was best for us.
My girlfriend and I were together for three years. In that time she really looked after me. She pushed me in every direction possible. Things that I should have done years ago she made it happen in a matter of months.
My family and friends really liked her; she was jovial, outspoken and had a sense of humour out of this world.
This woman would wash, cook, press, do any and everything around my house – I had nothing to do.
I have no children and I could have afforded to help her but I would just give her a little $100 or so sometimes, yet she never asked me for help. She had two children in college overseas and yet I refused to help.
My girlfriend could not work because of an injury but she was so independent.
She would always complain to me that I didn’t spend time with her. All she wanted was for me to take her out sometimes; things as simple as a kiss or hug, yet I never did it and thought she was annoying.
I never really showed her any love, never told her how I felt about her. She always told me how disrespectful I was. I would pick up old girlfriends and give them lifts.
When my girlfriend was by me, I never allowed her to answer the phone. Although she would come by me, I never gave her a key. She would have to wait outside until I got there. I know if I could go back in time I would treat her with the utmost respect.
You know how many times she told me she was leaving me and I?would tell her “go on”, not knowing that she would really do it. I had promised her marriage when we first met but I took her for granted.
She finally left me and I am living with so many regrets of “if only”.
I heard she is getting married this year. I know that man is very lucky to have her.
I missed out on a good woman.
You men out there, when you have a good woman treat her with respect. I did not do it and now I am living with regrets.


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