MAVIS BECKLES: Innocent but paying price


From the time this cash fuh gold thing started, it like it wake up evah kind o’criminal-minded person in Barbados; suh much so dat people now have tuh actually live in fear dat if duh miss and put on a lil gold chain round duh necks, somebody gine standby, watch dem and try tuh pop it off.
Wherevah ya turn nowadays you could hear all kinds o’ horror stories from people who get robbed, who chain get pop off duh neck, who house get brek in tuh and evah piece o’ gold and silver carry way, who get stick up and robbed and a whole lot more.
The criminals getting more and more daring and duh fearless; it aint matter if the sun shining bright or if people around, as long as dem see something dat dem want, dem gine after it.
Of course the majority o’ these robberies linked tuh the cash fuh gold craze; it is quick, easy money. Anybody could call the telephone number from one o’ the many cash fuh gold ads in the newspapers, walk in tuh a shop wid a pocket full o’ gold and silver jewellery dat dem tief, sell um off just so and walk back out wid a piece o’ change in duh pocket looking fuh another victim.
People houses getting brek in left, right and centre evah single day and if duh summuch as have one lil pair o’ gold earrings or a simple lil gold chain and a couple pieces o’ silver, dem taking it up and dat is the end o’ dat. You will nevah see it again; you could call a million police, it gone!
Talking bout dem, it like it aint make nuh sense calling dem at all ‘cause first of all, it does take dem fuh-evah tuh get there and when duh finally come, all duh does come and do is walk all bout the place slow, slow, slow, take a li’l statement, ask if ya know the serial numbers o’ the items dat get carry way, sometimes get the man tuh dust fuh finger prints and then guh long bout duh business, leaving ya there all confused and feeling violated.
Look, something got tuh be wrong wid me because I cahn understand how this cash fuh gold business could be still booming after all this time; clearly duh in business and making some kinda profit ’cause evah day ya could look in the newspapers and see at least three or four cash fuh gold ads pon one page alone.
How come the police aint checking up pon these businesses dat does buy the gold? You mean tuh tell me dat people could just walk into one o’ these places and sell off people gold jewellery just so? Nuh questions asked? Nuh papers tuh fill out? Nuh picture taken?
Look, I could give you story after story ’bout the gold thieves. The other day my brother tell me dat he witness wid his own eyes, a big able man walking and a young fella walk up behind he and yank off the chain from off the man neck; the man end up pon the ground and the thief run and went long wid the man chain.
A friend o’ mine tell me dat she see one o’ her workmates come tuh work wid she neck all black and blue and swell up and she told her dat a man followed her in broad day light, and tried tuh pop the chain from round she neck.
The thieves break in tuh my daughter and son-in-law house a month apart and carry way evah piece o’ jewellery dat dem had. My sister-in-law was walking gine long home a evening and a fella ride up behind her pon a bicycle and scratch up all the girl neck trying tuh snatch off she chain. If she didn’t grab it from in front, he woulda gone ’long wid she chain easy so.
Ya see me? Today I aint got a piece o’ gold tuh my name because duh brek in at me and carry way the two li’l chains my daughter give me and the only two pairs o’ gold earrings I had. I know I will nevah see dem again so I have made up my mind tuh wear only costume jewelry.
It is hard when these things happen, especially in ya home and I prayer dat the police would make haste and do something bout this whole cash fuh gold thing. I know a man who got stick up and robbed of evah piece o’ gold and he say dat whenevah he see dem he aint calling nuh police, he doing wha’ he gotta do.
Another friend o’ mine, a decent businessman who like tuh wear he gold, say dat he does see dem watching he all the time and he tell dem, when duh ready come ’cause he waiting fuh dem; and he real serious too hear?
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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