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DLP not responsible for ‘Paro’ ads


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The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has categorically denied that its President, its General Secretary or any member of its executive or slate of candidates, or its campaign management team is responsible for recent advertisements carried in the local daily newspapers, ostensibly sponsored by a group called PARO.
In dismissing any responsibility for the ads or any semblance of association with the group, the DLP’s General Secretary, George Pilgrim, said he was alarmed and surprised that Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur, could accuse the DLP of sponsoring the ads.
“I challenge Mr. Arthur and the BLP to state the receipt number issued to the DLP from the media house in question, he urged. “They can easily check with the newspaper and ascertain their origin from that publication. Conversely too, Mr. Arthur could tell Barbadians who in his party is responsible for the propaganda on the internet and on the blogs that have been trying to sully the Prime Minister’s good name and those of his cabinet colleagues; albeit unsuccessfully.
In further clearing the air on the matter, the governing party’s General Secretary reiterated that the “DLP has not commissioned nor authorised any such ads; and, therefore, for anyone to associate the DLP with these newspaper postings is not only totally untrue but very misleading, and designed to put the ruling party in a bad light. As a mature, political party, we do not resort to or condone such tactics that have been the hallmark of the Opposition BLP in recent months, he noted.
According to him, “those persons who attribute such to our party are simply revealing a malicious intent that is clearly akin to their own warped and errant machinations.


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