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Blind hubby and I sick, suffering


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Dear Christine,
Please help me as I am desperate andhave been on the brink of suicide. That’s why I am writing to you. I am not sure how much longer I can take the stress and the strain.
People have no idea what I am going through. Christine, my husband is 61, blind and very sick. As a result he needs medication which is costly. I am also sick, as I am suffering from cancer. In fact, we are both suffering from cancer.
Some days we have nothing to eat. Right now, Christine, my cupboards are bare.
We live in a National Housing Corporation unit and our rent has not been paid for the year. Authorities there have threatened to put us out.
My water bill is in arrears and although it is not significantly high, I am unable to make the payment. It is due for disconnection on February 14. We have no refrigerator and meals are cooked on a one-burner electric stove.
My husband is in need of a wheelchair as well; I usually find it hard to move him around. He also needs adult pampers which I cannot purchase at the moment. My husband was a hard worker – a taxi-driver and entertainer, but hard times and ill-health took away his savings.
I am at my wits’ end and wonder why life has to be so hard for us. Two years ago we were actually living on the streets.
Christine, I have two children; one is a patient at a district hospital and I have no idea where the other child is. My husband also has children but none of them offers to help.
Many days I cry and often tune in to the gospel station to comfort myself. On Monday I borrowed a neighbour’s newspaper and read Altar Call. After reading it I decided to turn to THE NATION for help. I am desperate.I am asking you or your readers to assist me.
– Suicidal
Dear Suicidal,
By the time this letter is printed, my assistant would have contacted you, provided counsel and meals.
However, like I have done in the past, I am once again asking kind Barbadians to rise to the occasion and assist you in any way they can; thus the reason for printing your letter.
Your case is one of a few serious cases which are currently before me, but I would like to give yours priority. Hang in there! God will give you the needed strength.


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