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I CONFESS: Ex rapes me every night


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I am four months pregnant and I’m being raped nightly – sometimes four times a night – by my ex-boyfriend.
I am carrying his child but I made it very clear to him some time ago that I did not want to be with him anymore. He used to sleep here but we have drifted apart and I no longer want to be intimate with him, so I asked him to stop sleeping here.
I locked my doors but what my ex-boyfriend has been doing nearly every night is hopping over my fence and climbing through my back window.
We fought a couple times when he started doing this but he pushed me too hard so I decided to stop fighting out of concern for my baby and myself. 
He has been telling me I have to have sex with him because it strengthens the baby.
I continue to tell him that our relationship had been over for a while now and that I no longer enjoy having sex with him, but he keeps coming at night. When he comes into the bedroom, he pushes me on the bed, restrains me, wrings my arms and pushes up my foot before proceeding to have sex with me.
After I get up and go to the bathroom crying, and at times bleeding and in pain, sometimes when I come back to bed he says to me, “You better get your rest because more coming for the night.”
When I am sleeping, he often wakes me up for more sex. This happens three or four times in a night.
Nearly every night I have to endure the same thing and I do not want to call the police. What should I do?
I said because I am pregnant for him and he was my boyfriend, part of me still loves him.
I am also hesitant to call the police because then everyone would say I obviously wanted him because I went and got pregnant for him.
No matter how much I bleed or am in pain, he does not stop.
I do not live alone so when I lock him out, sometimes the other people in the house let him in. And although I tell them I do not want him here, they still allow him in because they feel he treats me good. They think that I am treating him badly and that he is a good person because he provides money sometimes.
Obviously I do not want to tell them what is going on in my bedroom night after night.
I am 15 years old and he is 19, and he is allowed to come in here every night and rape me because I simply had no right going and getting pregnant at such an early age.
Because of my age I had to leave school, and I do not live with either of my parents.
Can someone please tell me what to do to stop this incessant abuse which is bad for my health and is also extremely frightening? I am carrying a part of my ex-boyfriend, so should I turn him over to the police?


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