Cops search cruise patrons


What was intended as a carefree evening of fun, drinks and dancing on the Jolly Roger yesterday turned sour for more than 100 patrons after the pleasure boat was asked to return to shore by the police and Coast Guard just before 5 p.m.
Accompanied by two Coast Guard vessels – the Enterprise and a smaller boat – the Jolly Roger docked at its regular spot off the Wickham-Lewis Boardwalk in Bridgetown.
It was met by at least 20 armed members of the Police Special Services Unit (SSU), along with two dogs and their handlers.
Police on the scene said it was a routine operation, but onlookers speculated that the exercise could be related to the shooting of two British tourists hours earlier in nearby Hincks Street.
On docking, the DJ, under instructions from the police, told the women to go to the top deck, while the men should remain on the main deck.
After that the men were called off the boat in single file, searched, had their personal details recorded, and were then instructed to stand to the right of the vessel.
The women’s bags were searched by an armed female officer on the boat. When the females came off, their personal details were recorded, then they were instructed to stand to the left.
 Thereafter, the dogs and their handlers boarded the vessel and along with other officers carried out an extensive search. Two individuals on the boat were taken to their vehicles and these were also searched.
After nothing was found, the all-clear was given at 6:14 p.m. The patrons went back on the boat and it was allowed to leave. (SP)


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