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AWRIGHT DEN: I want money


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I want money. Actually, I want lots of money. I declare today that I want to be wealthy. Not rich, but wealthy. Yes, I am a Christian who desires to be wealthy.
In many people’s minds, Christians included, Christianity and money/wealth should always be kept separate. Actually, for years, many ministers of the gospel have preached against Christians attaining wealth and as a result of their influence and skewed teachings, many have remained poor, miserable and unhappy.
During my early years in Christianity, I quickly realized I knew no rich Christians; neither did I know of any.
In 2005 and 2006 I attended two international Christian business conferences in Finland and Germany and my perspective of Christians and wealth changed. Many Christian millionaires and successful businessmen and women were there worshiping God unashamed and sincerely.
In Barbados, the general consensus was that Christians are to be poor but when I travelled internationally, it was a completely different philosophy. This also taught me that for lack of knowledge, exposure and experience, people remain ignorant.
How is it that The Bible says that the cattle on a thousand hills belong to God; the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, yet our bank accounts, wardrobes, fridges, homes and lives don’t represent that?
How is it that God has redeemed and transformed our lives, relationships, character, perspective, mindsets, hearts and speech but for some reason it seems like he forgot to transform and redeem our financial situation, keeping many of us miserable and unhappy? Something has to be wrong.
Talk wuh yuh like, when yuh got money, yuh got some tings yuh ain’t got tuh pray for.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to pray and ask God for money to pay a bill, or send school you children, or to go on a vacation, or build a home or put gas in your car?
Wouldn’t it be nice if your prayer language changed and you are now asking God, whom should I bless today with a car? Which family should I buy a house for? How many children should I give education scholarships to? How many children should I carry to Disney World this year? How much land should I buy and give to Roger Husbands of Drug Education and Counselling Services and Kemar Saffrey of the Vagrants and Homeless Society? How much money should I give Shamelle Rice of Jabez House who is working to help commercial sex workers through providing classes, vocational training and counselling?
You cannot give what you do not have.
Yes, I want to be wealthy but not only for my gain. I want to build beautiful homes, own land and businesses, buy my wife a Jaguar, send my children to the best private schools and universities, be able to afford the best health care and travel the world with my family. I also want to help solve some of the social issues in this country and help thousands and thousands of people. Money will always be my slave and never my master.
You would recognize I did not mention any scriptures from The Bible and this was purposely done so you can research for them for yourselves. They can be found at this website:
The Bible warns about how you attain and pursue wealth, but it also teaches you about budgeting, being an entrepreneur, being contented, honouring debt, giving, investing, lending, planning, provision, prospering, receiving, saving, tithing and stewardship.
I am constantly criticized for my position on money, but I don’t mind the talk because we all make choices to gain more money. For example, we further our education in hopes of getting higher paying jobs and we read the classifieds looking for job opportunities to increase our finances.
Joseph, the father of Jesus, was an entrepreneur. Jesus chose twelve disciples to transform the world, all of whom were entrepreneurs and the apostle Paul was also an entrepreneur.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth ambassador.


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