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DEAR CHRISTINE: Feel like he’s taking me for granted


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Dear Christine,
I would like your opinion on a situation I am facing. I believe I know what I have to do but I would like to hear your say on the matter.
I have been in a relationship with a young man for the past two years and I care for him a great deal.
To show my love and appreciation I have given him several gifts and even taken him out to dinner and lunch. Would you believe he has never given me a gift in return?
I don’t ever ask him for anything and I am not giving him gifts so that I can receive some from him, but I think that if he cared about me and truly had a conscience, he would at least give me some consideration.
He works for a reasonably good salary and does not have a family to support.
To add to all this, when he comes by my place, he always expects me to provide him with a meal. It’s not the same when I go to his place. He’ll give me a drink and that’s it.
Sex is not all there is to a relationship, and this man seems to be taking me for granted. I am becoming very annoyed and frustrated with the whole situation.
As much as I care for him, I think I am going to call it quits. As far as I am concerned, his attitude towards me is not a good sign of any good situation.
– AL
Dear AL,
I can understand your frustration – after all, it seems like your boyfriend believes in taking but not giving.
Every person (man, woman, boy or girl) wants to feel appreciated at times and I can see how you may not feel as though he cares for you when he does not express his affection with some kind of effort or gift. Even little children want to give their parents some token of appreciation every now and then.
You say you care for him but your decision to end the relationship should not cause any real pain or regret, given the fact that you are already frustrated and feel unloved.


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