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I CONFESS: Time for a gay to talk­


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Browsing through the letters page of THE NATION newspaper has been one troubling experience over the last few weeks.
The issue that gravely concerns me is the seemingly endless articles of people relishing in their distaste for gays and spewing their erroneous views on to an undeserving public. 
Firstly, I question how heterosexuals can speak with such conviction of the truth regarding homosexuality. Sometimes I question my own orientation, considering that much of what I read is either grossly untrue or I am not gay.
Unlike many before me, I shall not claim to have a monopoly on truth but give a chapter out of my book.
Personally, I have no sadistic attraction within me that would cause me to enjoy the vitriolic attitudes and approaches to homosexuals in this country. One should question why anyone would willingly choose to be subjected to the diatribe and judgement with which we are constantly faced.
Growing up as a young man merely 13 years old when the attraction started, I had absolutely no idea what homosexuality really was. At that age I recalled that slang word being used towards people but I was oblivious to such a lifestyle as I had never met another gay or known anyone who was.
Naturally, knowing what I was feeling was not a trait to be desired, I’ve tried vigorously to rid myself of such feelings for many years; you name it, I’ve tried it. Thankfully, with time, I have learned to love and accept who I am and not be held back by the hate and ignorance that all too often surrounds me.
If only some would look beyond their zealotry and see the absolute pain and fear they instil into young men and women, many would question whether it is really a godly act to put their fellow man through such an experience.
Gays are not some pagan destructive force setting out to destroy society with that awful cliché “the gay agenda”. They are our brothers, fathers, mothers and daughters who seek only to be treated justly and with dignity and dare ask for the same rights and privileges as heterosexuals that have been denied to us.
Having to live in the shadows, watching your every word and gesture has been the most unhealthy and exhausting experience I have ever faced. It truly robs you of true happiness, an experience we all deserve.
We all need to just slow down and consider how we treat people, regardless of race, sex, creed and orientation.
Finally, consider this: someday someone will be able to place their actual name at the end of this letter, but unfortunately that day will not be today because of the society we have created.
– Unfortunately Anonymous


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