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TALK BACK: Alma Parris and bikers hot with readers


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First it was the Alexandra School, now it is Alma Parris Secondary School.
The principals of both St Peter schools have been in sharp focus and criticized by those they lead who complain about their management style.
While Alexandra’s issue has been resolved with the transfer of some teachers and former principal Jeff Broomes, the trouble at Alma Parris is now brewing and our readers are following developments very closely.
Teachers at Alma Parris described the school as tension-filled and called on principal Valdez Francis to go. They say there is a lack of communication between the principal and staff and frustration regarding timetables and new classes.
Francis conceded there were issues at the school but said he would not be sidetracked from what “I’m trying to bring to the school”.
Winston Grecia: “The decision by the Government to move Mr Broomes has created a situation where every principal in this country is now at threat of having to be moved once the teachers do not like anything he or she is doing.”
David Hall: “This issue has been boiling for a year or more. Why didn’t the ministry take steps to resolve it before it reached this stage?”
Verdel Brome: “Is this what the education system in Barbados is coming to? As there is a problem at the school, a group of teachers [are] calling for the removal of the principal?”
C Ash Phillips: “Power without authority is no power at all. Once the teachers were allowed to get what they wanted at Alexandra, all teachers will now demand the same.”
Tammy Vanita Harte: “I think teachers should be shuffled every once [in a while]; they are too comfortable and some of them feel the schoos belong to them. I miss the older teachers – they got the job done.”
The dangerous stunts and recklessness displayed by some bikers on the roads and highways have readers concerned. Many responded to the call by biker Sergio Blackett for authorities to treat their activity as a sport and allow bikers a designated location to carry on their riding.
Angela J Thompson Branch: “When you think about it, the racing cars have a track and have their moments. You cannot stop what is going on but you can control it. All the guys I am sure are not the lawless ones.
“This guy, to my mind, is creative and talented – sorry, but I always try to find the positive [in] what is seen by society as negative. Mind you, I do not ever condone the flying ghosts, as I call the ones riding carelessly on the road.”
Ingrid Parris: “Great idea, they should have their own area to practise their stunts. Only question is, who are they expecting to pay for it? The general public? I hope not! They have money to invest in what must be expensive bikes; invest some of their own money in creating a space to have fun. . . .”
• Carol Martindale is THE NATION’s Online Editor.


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