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Wine tasters in high spirits


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Nico’s 2 Restaurant at Sugar Hill was the venue for a sophisticated sunset event with El Dorado cask-aged rums.
Rum, Pan And Caribbean Flavours Under The Sun was a big hit recently with over 50 participants, many staying for dinner. Those in attendance received a vivid history lesson on Demerara rum production and a chance to taste the El Dorado range of aged rums while listening to the talented Ziggy Walcott on steel pan.
Presented by brand manager Kurt Haynes and Wine World wine and spirit education consultant Marian Cabral, it was indeed a treat.
Each of the three courses told a different story and was meant to complement and enhance the taste of the rum no matter your choice from the menu.
These ranged from rustic salted codfish dish Bul Jol, which accompanied three-year-old rum, to spicy jerk chicken that supplemented the harmonious notes of tropical fruit, crème brulée, leather and creamy oak of the 12-year-old – and not forgetting the bread pudding that beautifully matched the rum-cream liqueur.
Haynes expressed his pride and excitement at representing such a distinctive portfolio in Barbados.
“Nico’s 2 is a fantastic restaurant and I shared their vision instantly during the initial discussion about the event. We felt confident that the quality of the El Dorado cask-aged rums was an opportunity to do something with a twist.
“We are proud to say that it was a success and has proven that El Dorado rum is deserving of the many international awards it has won repeatedly.”
Haynes said the rum would grow in popularity as initiatives to highlight the diversity of the brand were already being undertaken. (NS/PR)


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