Delay has silver lining


THE 63RD Barbados Guineas, the first leg of the local Triple Crown, will run off at the Garrison Savannah today.
The race was originally scheduled for the National Heroes Day holiday but the card was postponed because of heavy rain.
In the build-up to the event for West Indian-bred three-year-olds over 1 570 metres, the SATURDAY SUN spoke with the trainers to hear their thoughts on their charges and the postponement.
Victor Cheeseman:
Vanity Fair and Nekitta
“Vanity Affair has been training very good and going really well. She’s a race horse. I’m hoping for some racing luck and looking to run one-two. I’m not sure who will win but I will watch and see.
“Nekitta has also been training very good. Unfortunately, she wasn’t picking up her feed like I wanted her to but that has now been rectified and I’m looking for a lot from her.”
On the postponement: “I’m accustomed to it, and it will certainly do the world of good for Nekitta.”
Jonathon Simpson:
The Price Is Right and Janak’s Gold
“I’ve added cheek pieces to help The Price Is Right to concentrate significantly better and using a cavesson nose band which shuts her mouth and increases her controllability.
“Janak’s Gold is fit and strong. He should be a major force especially with Jalon Samuel astride.”
On the postponement: “The Price Is Right will surely benefit as she was a work-out short for last Monday’s race day. She will stay the trip.”
Edward Walcott Jr:
Snow White
“She has done everything asked of her so far. Her last win came back in a good time and I’m pleased and happy with her progress.”
On the postponement: “It doesn’t bother me. However, the extra days could only benefit her. I expected her to run her best.”
Andrew Nunes:
“Iguazu has been going good. She’s not quite up there with the leading three-year-olds but has improved with each race and with further improvement, she can be competitive.”
On the postponement: “I’d prefer the track to be drier than it is.”
Robert Peirce:
“In all my years as a trainer she is the most unlucky horse I’ve dealt with but she has plenty ability. Cavanak is working really well. Once everything goes well with her I think I can win the race.”
On the postponement: “She will surely benefit from the delay. It does help as I was forced to run her in that last race to gain points to take entry.”
John D. Chandler:
Sweet Bottom Sarah
“Sweet Bottom Sarah is going beautifully. She works two days a week and has a nice outside chance. Her partner (Jarelle) Beckles listens and so I’m pleased. She has a beautiful kick and I’m hoping for some luck.
“Going into big races you don’t want to overdo and I’m happy with how she’s going and she’s very alert.”
Anderson Ward:
High Tide and Cabin Boy
“Cabin Boy was a non-starter for Monday but with the re-opening of the declarations for me he’s a starter but I will wait until the vet looks him over and hear his opinion.
High Tide has been on the shelf for four weeks. She’s becoming smart and training pretty good. I’m excited by her chances.”
On the postponement: “Time heals everything. It’s a blessing in disguise and I’m looking forward to much better conditions than Monday and a change in fortunes.”
Stephen Bynoe:
Flying South
“I expect him to run a good race as he has been prepared for this race and is going well. Flying South is better now than he’s ever been. He was cherry ripe for Monday.”
On the postponement: “The delay will be no problem. He’ll be fit and ready.”
Boston John:
Stratford Lad and Gold Mine
“Stratford Lad is training very well. The delay and draw will suit him best as he just sits off the pace and comes with one run.
Gold Mine (Reserve 1) is training very well. I do feel he will run a good race if he gets in and will definitely benefit from the conditions thus improving from there.”


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