Cheating man gets his due


Dear Christine,
I WANT TO TALK to you about a two-time loser who deserves everything he is now reaping.
He is a married man who got involved with a woman after she joined his company.
It had been rumoured that he told his wife to go and look for another man, as he had found himself a woman. All along, however, his mistress was only taking him for a ride because she was engaged to be married.
He had no idea what was going on until this woman dropped him a few weeks before the wedding. She also left the company. He was like a fish out of water and even tried to patch up things with his wife. In fact, he had the heart to write her a long letter telling her how much he loved her and that he was sorry he treated her the way he did.
They have two children – both at secondary school, and those children had to go through the humiliation of seeing their father driving around with his “new chick”.
Christine, it would now be right to say that he has lost in all rounds, as his wife is no longer interested in him.
When will men like him ever learn? They never seem to know when they have the real thing and that what they have is better than the lust they usually have for the outside woman. When things go wrong, they find themselves on a collision course and have only themselves to blame.
– C.S.A.
Hi, C.S.A.,
The truth is, some of them never learn – the women neither. What this woman did to him was wrong, but he was equally wrong to treat his wife the way he did.
I’d be happy to know she is not letting his infidelity get her down and that she is independent enough to get on with her life.
It never pays to hurt someone else, does it?


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