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Bishop: Use technology


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Anglican Bishop Dr John Holder has called on his church to use modern technology in its various forms to evangelize and communicate the gospel.
He said the church was being challenged to search for new ways of proclaiming the gospel and new ways of ministry, and like those who had heard the “good news” in their own language on the first Pentecost, the church today must respond.
“We must move on and embrace the new ways that can strengthen our work of mission, our work of ministry and administration. One simple way in which we can do so is by embracing elements of the new technology as these relate to our mandate to proclaim the good news.
“We can also use the new technology to enhance our work in Synod,” he told Anglicans on the Day of Pentecost last Sunday during the annual Synod at St Michael’s Cathedral.
Noting the high cost of printing Synod documents, he said a less expensive alternative could be the use of electronic copies on members’ laptops or handheld devices such as cellphones, Kindles, tablets and iPads.
“This method can achieve a number of things. First of all, it will contribute to the effort of greening that seeks to preserve God’s good earth since, in a small way, by not using an excessive amount of paper we may be saving a few trees,” he suggested.
Holder said the effort was about more than electronic gadgets, paper and ink, but also about theology, ecology and preservation, and about God and creation. It also reinforced a message about stewardship, namely the best use of the church’s resources, he said.
“We must be ever conscious of costs even as we seek to be as efficient as we can be. We are therefore urging members of Synod to make the change. Take note of the new language. We need to grasp and put to good use the technology that is available, and use it in all its dimensions to strengthen our proclamation of the good news.
“God grants us the power to communicate. He provides for us many opportunities to do so. He leads us to create the tools we need to strengthen our communication. At the first Pentecost it was the use of the appropriate language to articulate clearly the Pentecost experience. In our time it is the use of the marvels of technology,” he said. (RJ)  


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