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The big story at Nation House


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?The venue was the north side of the compound of the Nation Publishing Company on Fontabelle Road, St Michael. The sound of music filled the air and the spirit of celebration pervaded the atmosphere. This was our experience last Friday night when we approached Nation House.
We were about to imbibe the excitement and camaraderie which the lime organized by the Barbados Media Co-operative Credit Union brought to this well-known home of media workers.
?The credit union will be celebrating its 30th anniversary starting in October this year.
It was therefore quite naturalfor this mini-celebration to be located at this distinguished spot for as Delores Dottin,president of the credit union for the past three years and a member for 25 years, indicated most of the members were drawn from The Nation and Starcom Network Inc.
Founding member Marilyn Gittens, who is currently assistant secretary, was one of the driving forces behind the event. She controlled the food stall where the Bajan delicacies were on sale. These included pudding and souse, cou cou and mackerel, rice and stew, potato salad, flying fish and salad, and ham and cheese cutters.
Marilyn seemed full of verve after all those years of being associated with the credit union. She looks forward to the 30th anniversary with pride. She was happy to be involved with Friday night’s lime not only because the funds raised will go towards the anniversary celebrations but the event brought members together in a single social activity as well.
Ava Mounter, operations officer of the credit union, was also being kept busy ensuring that members were well within their comfort zone. She was pleased to note the growth of the credit union over the years.
Nation director Wilfred Field, another founding member of the credit union who has been one of the influential forces at the Nation from its inception, was highly visible. In his Tom Jones style, the balladeer of some distinction was a great contributor to the karaoke session.
It was as if he were a paid performer with all the accompanying stage performance to titillate and engage the audience.
Vivian-Anne Gittens, Publisher of the NATION, was also integral to the proceedings. Her preference was a waltz with her husband Don, who seemed quite a natural in the media environment.
We also had the pleasure of meeting Vivian-Anne’s brother, William Yard, who resided in Canada for 40 years and returned to live three years now. He was also enjoying the atmosphere.
At the end of the day he seemed to relish the idea that he was dragged to the lime by his sister.
Among those we spotted inthe audience was Bobbi McKay, executive director of the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association. She indicated that she had been invited by a member of the credit union.
She welcomed the invitation since Friday was her evening to unwind. She had a special love for the karaoke sessions.
“I like the natural singers,” she declared.
The music for dancing which was interspersed with the karaoke selections also allowed the dancers like Radcliffe Chase and Joycelyn Johnson to showcase their artistry. Meanwhile DJ Nails (Sherlon Griffith) was enjoying the vibe he was creating among the gathering.
Seated near to the DJ was former NATION staffer and member of the credit union, Mialisa Fenty, who was among the karaoke enthusiasts there. Her selections of Dancing Queen, Weakness In Me, and Bahamian Rhapsody attracted their fair share of attention.
Those who were not active participants were clearly enjoying the atmosphere. Notable among those we recognized were Advertising Manager Paulette Jones; Group Financial Controller Noel Wood; and Editor (Ag) Eric Smith. They all had a grand time and remained until after midnight.
?Surely, the night served up their slice of Bajan life.

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