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AWRIGHT DEN: Staying abreast


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So much is on my mind right now that I am just going to use this time to jot down some thoughts and observations.
The United States of America is indeed an interesting place. Apparently, females in New York are free to walk bare-chested throughout the city once it isn’t used for business. Police officers have been instructed not to arrest women who walk around topless since breast exposure is no longer considered public lewdness or indecent exposure.
It has been argued that since men walk around topless without breaking any law, then – based on gender equality – women should be able to do the same. Apparently, this was legal since 1992 when the New York Court of Appeals ruled in favour of Ramona Santorelli and Mary Lou Schloss, who along with five others were arrested for exposing
their breasts in a public park, holding the law void as discriminatory, based on an article on
Now, here is my problem with this reasoning.
Wouldn’t it be wiser to amend the law making it illegal for either male or female to walk around in public topless? That doesn’t only sound wiser to me, it also sounds safer.
Now that more people are aware of their “freedom”, let’s wait and see if there is a rise in sexual assault and harassment. I am sure some men and women will be tempted to squeeze a breast or pull or touch a nipple to prove a point (no pun intended – LOL).
Look how many men walking through New York City will get some slaps, harsh stares and even some choice words from girlfriends and spouses because they are distracted and their attention is towards all the free breasts, legs and thighs on display.
Let me ask a question: Does this new development have an age limit? Can a 13-year-old or, let’s say, a 75-year-old do this?
As I have said before, without God as the supreme foundation for moral values, we are lost in a world of sociocultural relativism. Unless one shares a biblical world view, then the defining and establishment of moral values will be determined by culture, the law and societal opinion and emotions, all of which can change at any time.
Does anyone know what the role of security officers in Barbados is? Most dictionaries I have checked say the general role of a security officer is to protect assets, property and people. The key word here is protect.
I have seen this practice replicated throughout this country for many years now. Many businesses allow security firms to send officers who appear incapable of adequately defending the public or business. 
I understand that people need to eat and life is hard and people need jobs but being a security guard means that people depend on you to keep them safe. If an individual is unable to provide this service, then he or she needs to find a different job.
Crime is real and there is plenty of it being committed daily. I need to know that when I enter a business or an office and I see a security guard, that individual is well trained and fit enough to assist and protect me if my life is in danger.
There are few places in Barbados that have security guards who look fit or competent. It would be interesting to find out if I can bring legal action against a security firm who provided a security officer who was incompetent and unable to assist me when I was in danger. Lawyers reading this article, please feel free to email me.
As I close, I must publicly commend four gas attendants at SOL service station Wildey, St Michael, for their warm, exciting and energetic service. I pulled up to one of the pumps sometime after 8 p.m. on Monday and was immediately greeted by three smiling workers, who said, “Good night sir, and welcome to SOL.”
I was pleasantly shocked. They kept my wife and me laughing and engaged in conversation as we waited for our car to be filled. I live in St James and normally use SOL Redman Village but the warmth, pleasantness and spirit of Kim, Andre, Stephanie and Kimberly have encouraged me to return. That was NISE service.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth ambassador.


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