Employees urged to be productive


Too many Barbadians are content to draw a salary while giving the bare minimum on the job, says Minister of Industry Donville Inniss.
He said low productivity, general absenteeism and the abuse of sick leave were “not Barbadian” and should not be allowed to take root in the workforce.
Addressing the Barbados Employers’ Confederation’s (BEC) luncheon which followed its annual general meeting at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre last week, he said there were no money trees in either the public or the private sector.
He added that employees were necessary and costly, regardless of the type of business.
“When employees don’t pull their weight, then unit costs increase. Where such costs cannot be passed on to the consumer, especially in these challenged times, then the firm will be forced to reduce staff amongst other options.”
Inniss said the human resource management issues which plague the society had to be addressed with a sense of urgency in order to build a resilient and sustainable economy.
“We say we are a service-oriented society but yet far too often we behave as though we are doing folks a favour and we do so grudgingly.
“As employees we must never forget that our income and livelihood is dependent on each customer or client who enters our premises or calls on the phone.
“The feeling that we can do whatever we want to do with whatever attitude we want to because we will be paid at the end of the week or the end of the month, is fundamentally wrong,” the Minister said.
He suggested that if such attitudes did not change, “someday we will wake up and realize that there are no more clients or customers and no more jobs either”. (NB)


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