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She’s not perfect, but very good


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Dear Christine,
I am  responding to Monday’s letter-writer under the headline Friend Got Sick From Cheating Partner.
Christine, what that persons said is true and it hit home to me in so many ways that I am compelled to write my story to you.
My girl was not perfect. In fact she was loud and sometimes made me look bad to my friends. I got so angry and fed-up that I stopped taking her anywhere with me. I made all kinds of excuses  and she would even cry, but I felt like, “So what?” While I was mad, she was kind. She always told me that she loved me and I knew she did.
Of course, women will tell you anything to get to you, and to know that they can have someone else’s man. They would play you along, doing anything to make you feel like leaving (whom you already have) to be with them. They would tell you things about your girl only because of what you are telling them about her. My friends would say things about my girl based on what I was telling them. I confess, I would not always tell them the truth about everything. I only told them what made me look good.
Christine, it took me almost a year of hurting my girl to realize that she is not perfect. If she saw a woman around me or talking to me she would react and people would do likewise.
Christine, I now know it was because she loved me but did not know how to handle things. It took a friend to tell me that she knew she had a problem, a bad temper, and was in need of counselling. Her attitude soon started to change and she became less angry. She also started to lose weight and to smile more.
Running around with women made me realize that friends do not like to see when you are happy. Also, women who get involved with married men or men who already have a partner should not be taken seriously. I realized that I would have left my 80 for a 20. No one is perfect! What’s more, the grass always looks greener on the other side . . . that is until you get there.
I am glad that I opened my eyes before it was too late. I eventually married my girl.
To all men out there, I say, know what you have. No one is perfect, and running around is not good. It only creates problems and unwanted stress. Care what you have [and the person that you love]. Do not take things or that individual for granted.– Mark
Dear Mark,
Thanks so much for sharing and for your advice. I hope your letter would be food for thought to many other brothers like yourself, and to women as well.

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