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Who will arrest abuser?


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IT WAS no child’s play when a certain well known man launched a vicious attack on his girlfriend, knocking out three of her teeth and leaving her black and blue all over.
Reports indicated that after making a complaint to the police, the poor woman had to go to her boyfriend’s boss to find out why he was not arrested since it was apparent that he broke the law he swore to uphold.
People want to know if he is getting away with this attack because he has a reputation for being violent just like his namesake. No wonder his former girlfriend was forced to dump him so he could not bring shame upon her family, especially her famous daughter.
We hope police put the handcuffs on this man soon so he will understand that his women cannot be labelled brides of Chucky.
Jealous wifey on guard
It appears that a guard posted at one of the bus stands did not learn his lesson when his wife attacked him on the job for sleeping with another guard.
Word has it that he is now running around with two of the general workers. He hangs out with one of them during the day and spends time with the other one when he’s working the night shift.
But things are about to get nasty because the guard he dumped after his wife found out about the affair has been making moves on him again.
Guess wifey has to be well armoured this time around since she will be coming up against a threesome.
Baller on assault charge
Reports reaching us indicate that a well known footballer who left these shores to take up a lucrative contract in England was recently charged with sexual assault.
Pudding & Souse was reliably informed that the man is accused of picking up a woman outside a bar and taking her to a parkout spot where he had his way with her. That night of pleasure has apparently led to seven criminal charges including assault and false imprisonment.
Reports indicated that he turned up at court with his baby mama at his side and broke down and cried like a baby when the charges were read to him. Apparently, he is not disputing that he had sex with the woman but he is saying that it was all consensual.
Pudding & Souse will continue to monitor this very intriguing case.
She’s out of the closet
THEY say confession is good for the soul but friends of a certain woman were shocked when she recently revealed that she was coming out of the closet.
Now she is walking around with her female lover and the two of them are calling themselves the dynamic duo.
People still cannot believe that this woman, who once loved to brag that she would only sleep with men who were well endowed, has suddenly gone over to the other side.
Troops get a scolding
A certain militant man has once more scolded his troops for bringing his esteemed institution into disrepute.
Less than 24 hours after the truth came out about the goings-on at the institution, he summoned the affected parties to his office and proceeded to speak down to them as if they were children at a Cadet camp.
After so many internal incidents at this institution, it seems that it will take another all-out war for this man to stop treating his subordinates like children.

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