DEAR CHRISTINE: Women must start using their brains


Dear Christine,
I AM WRITING in response to an article which was carried in one of your publications last week. It was the story of a woman pleading for help for herself and her young, sick son.
Christine, I reside in the United States. Every day I pass women like her on the streets begging. Some have signs bearing notices which may read “Mother of three, homeless, and needs help.”
The kicker is that some of these women are pregnant. Don’t they know about birth control?
What is wrong with this woman (in the paper)? She has no place decent to live, yet she is pregnant?  Will someone please educate these women who think it’s okay to throw their responsibilities on hard-working tax-paying people.
The Barbados Government needs to stop with this policy of handing out homes to such people. What about the elderly who need better nursing facilities? (That’s not the case) with these strong, hard-back women who have no brains.
What eats me moreso is, where are the men these women are having babies for? Are these women good only for a few seconds’ pleasure and nothing more?
I have an idea. How about the Barbados Government seeking out these culprits and going after them for child support? Doing such would be more productive to the economy, and maybe men would think twice before having children they cannot or would not support.
My heart goes out to the children. They did not ask to be born, but I would not give these women a penny of my hard-earned money.
For those who think I am harsh, I am being harsh because it’s 2013 and I expect women to have more common sense.
I am in my sixties and way back then I had common sense, if nothing more. Women, please wake up and look around you. It is about time you stop using your backs and start using your brains.
The island is suffering because you are not doing anything productive. The people whom you put in power are asleep, and if you don’t start looking out for yourselves and for one another, pretty soon there will not be a Barbados.
My heart breaks for the children.
Dear Mars,
As usual, you have shared your views on a burning issue. Like you, I have been branded as being “too hard” on some individuals when it comes to issues dealing with innocent children, or when the need arises to speak out against irresponsible women or men who engage in sex loosely without considering the effect their actions will have on others – particularly innocent children who pay the price for their selfishness.
We need to continue advocating for our children who are becoming victims of poverty and being placed on “the list of needy children” because of adults who only think of themselves. Too many of our children – apart from being sexually and physically abused – are being left without roofs over their heads. Too many are being left at the mercy of “the public” and this is not right.
I agree with you 100 per cent that women need to respect their bodies more and not allow them to become dumping grounds for those irresponsible men among us who simply hop on for a few moments of pleasure and hop off after they have had their share of fun.
Thankfully, though, we still have some good upright men around. And, we cannot always blame the men, even though some wilfully take advantage of vulnerable women. On the other hand, some women engage in sex for the sake of material things, pleasure or just because the man comes along and says
“I love you”.
Most of the men fail to stick around when these women become pregnant because there is no real love. And, another child is left to suffer.
We have become a society where morality is being kicked out the door and anything goes.
As a matter of fact, one is branded as stupid, uneducated, senseless, and even foolish when one speaks about moral standards.
Sadly, however, our immoral standards will be the downfall of our next generation if we don’t wake up and take a stand for what is morally right and just.


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