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Bajans selfish an’ ungrateful


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There are some things about my Barbadian people dat I doan understand nuh matter how hard I try, so I gine start off my column this week by asking some questions and hope dat somebody would be able tuh come up wid some meaningful and sensible answers.
From listening tuh some o’ the calls on the radio last Tuesday morning, I get the impression dat duh got people out there who cahn wait tuh see a storm or some kinda major system hurt this country and, look, duh is Bajans, hear? Dat is why I have tuh ask these questions ’cause I cahn seem tuh get my head wrapped around some o’ the foolishness dat I does hear evah time some kinda tropical wave or storm is approaching this island.
Now tell me: why would people want a storm tuh hit Barbados? Why would people want tuh celebrate disaster? Why when the people from the Meteorological Office give information on the weather systems some people does dismiss it? Why when a storm, hurricane or any kinda major system miss (for want of a better word) Barbados, some people does get vex and start cursing the people at the Meteorological Office?
We got some o’ the most competent people up there at the Meteorological Office. Duh know what duh doing, and what makes me very proud is when duh got a major system coming ’cross the Atlantic Ocean and I watch the weather news out o’ Miami and see and hear how dem weather forecasters does be making reference tuh we weather people here in Barbados. And we cussing the people talking ’bout how duh ain’t know wha’ duh doing – but wunna know.
You would think dat in this day and age when the cat and the dog got blackberry, gooseberry and clam-a-cherry; in this enlightened age whenevah ya turn around ya could see somebody wid a iPod or a iPad or some other kinda fancy piece o’ technical gadget in duh hands all the time, if dem doan think dat the people at the Met Office ain’t know what duh talking ’bout, dem could get on pon the piece o’ equipment in duh hands and check it out fuh demselves.
But no! Even though duh see it right there in front o’ dem, when duh doan see it materialize and dem ain’t get nuh thrill from it, dem does curse the people at the Met Office; dem looking fuh a scapegoat.
Another thing is this: why when anytime a system is passing and the people tell us tuh stay indoors until duh give the all-clear tuh go outside, a lot o’ people does still take it pon demselves, not only tuh venture outside but tuh jump in duh cars or SUVs and ’bong all ’bout the place taking pictures only tuh put dem ’pon Facebook or tuh talk ’bout?    It would seem tuhme dat some people in this sweet country does get great pleasure just thriving on other people’s pain.
Dat storm Chantal, one o’ the first fuh the season, come all the way ’cross the Atlantic Ocean, draw up under Barbados and then turn and went ’long ’boutshe business. She hurt both St Lucia and Dominica and then make a beeline fuh Haiti and the Dominican Republic – again. And you gine tell me dat I want dah kinda misery ’bout here? People ain’t seeing it hard as hell a’ready?
So why? Because I want thrills? Because I want drama? Because I like tuh see misery and heartache? Because I want tuh see people crying ’longside duh li’l old house dat get flattened by storm-force winds? Because I like tuh rejoice at other people pain? Wunna cahn be serious!
But leh muh tell all o’ wunna kinda people so something. While wunna expecting tuh experience the thrills and drama at some poor body expense, tek care the drama doan happen at you. ’Cause while you thinking dat you house might be strong, family secure and evahthing in place, it might just be you and you family standing up ’longside the rubble o’ the big-able pretty strong house while the li’l old house o’ dah poor family still there standing firm.
It is time dat all o’ wunna people so stop doing and talking a whole lot o’ ignernts and start thanking God fuh being merciful tuh we again and again, instead o’ being suh damn selfish and ungrateful.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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