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New man near the throne


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THERE’S A NEW kingmaker in Barbados.
Cou Cou understands that a loyal soldier has been elevated to this role after his sterling work in the last general election campaign, where he helped to fashion the winning formula for the boss man.
Though he does not have the flair and credentials of the original kingmaker, those insiders who know him best say he has great ideas and has been able to execute a number of them with success in the past several months.
Actually, they attribute the wall of silence as one of his suggestions.
The insiders said this man preaches that “loose lips sink ships” and has been able to convince the boss to rein in those who tend to put their mouths in motion before they exercise anything else. No wonder, they said, a certain short man has not been heard on the radio for some time.
The question those close to the players involved is asking is how Hartley Henry is taking this move, given the word that his reported approaches were rebuffed by the boss man. And does this move mean that those close to Henry may find it difficult to get a chance for leadership?
Holding things up
A VERTICALLY CHALLENGED man is making his presence felt by his intransigence, say officials close to a number of sensitive negotiations.
They have confided in Cou Cou that this man, who once ate heartily from the fatted calf, is now the reason a major project that could generate scores of job and possibly jump-start a building boom is stalled.
They say this man is insisting on having things put in place that are not related to the project because he recognizes that he has everyone over a barrel.
The insiders say it is a pity this individual can’t see that, like another matter, this one too will be moved beyond his control.
Bill too high
WORKERS AT A place no stranger to controversy are literally up in arms over what they are calling blatant interference in their duties.
And it is all due to a certain supposedly-outgoing boss, who went on a regional trip recently and ran up a cellphone bill of several hundred dollars in a few days.
When those charged with responsibility began questioning the bill, this boss reportedly indicated that he can sign off on it.
Of course, such action does not square with sound accounting principles and transparency, so the workers are as sick of this situation as they are ofn the place they work.
Your turn next!
A CERTAIN MANAGER at a statutory corporation is being told by workers that their sins today will come back to haunt them.
The workers’ angst is due to the individual’s role in the axing of their colleagues.
The workers claim this manager says and does what they like, because they know their people are calling the shots and so they cannot be touched.
The workers, however, say God isn’t sleeping and the manager’s  turn will come.
As one said, time is longer than twine.   

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