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‘Sad’ view on Whites


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Historian Trevor Marshall has been rebuked for saying that Whites should no longer be allowed in the Senate.
At the Democratic Labour Party lunchtime lecture on Friday, Marshall asked why Barbados was still allowing Whites in the Senate, saying the island was still making provisions for the remnants of the white elite to sit in Parliament without facing electors.
Former senator Dr Frances Chandler, who Marshall mentioned by name, and Pan-Africanist David Comissiong both offered a “no comment” when contacted yesterday, but Senator Dr Henry Fraser and political analyst Peter Wickham both expressed surprise and disappointment.
“I know Trevor very well and I think he enjoys being provocative. I am not sure if, by mentioning Chandler and not me, the only whitish senator currently residing, he is calling for my resignation or for me to be fired,” Fraser told the SUNDAY?SUN.
“I thought Barbados had become a multi-ethnic or rainbow society of proud, talented and civilized people where it is not the colour of your skin but the content of your character on which you would judge and be judged. So I am surprised by Trevor . . . . [As such] I am forced to wonder if he has been accurately reported,” he added.  (CA)

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