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Evahbody must pull duh weight


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Dear Nesta,
I ONLY JES’ REALIZE, lookin’ at de date ’pon  dis letter, dat we move t’rough de firs’ half o’ September easy-so, an’ October right dey ’pon de doorstep. Tell yuh, dis year like it wearin’ skates, de way time flyin’. I was in a store dis mornin’  an’, lo an’ behol’, wuh should greet muh  but a big-able Chris’mas tree. Lord mek peace!  Is dat time a’ready?
Muhgirl, sence yuh las’ hear from muh, I been bizzy enough tryin’ to read any an’ evah book  I could get muh han’s ’pon ’bout healfy livin’, an’ dah include all de grasses an’ herbs I hearin’ ’bout!  
Why? Well, as I onderstan’ it, de horsepittle facin’ budget cuts, an’ who is to know how deep Guvment inten’ dem to be. So I mekkin’ de effort to tek good care o’ my healf so I could “fight de good fight”.   My frien’ Philomena an’ muhself even tek to walkin’ mos’ evenin’s, ’cause exercise is very impo’tant in dis fight fuh survival.
I tryin, by wuhevah means, to stay outta de horsepittle ef I could help it. I en onderstan’ wuh  de minister mean by “non-essential items to get reduce”.  An’ I hope I never need to know. I always hear prevention better dan cure, an’ I gine keep dat sayin’ in min’.
Pity de horsepittle get choose fuh some choppin’, doh. Dat place shoulda get money ’stead o’ losin’ it. But in de effort to lower de $400 million deficit, Guvment choppin’ lef’ an’ right. Not dat it affeckin’ evahbody. De wealfy okay, an’ dah ethuh group – Philomena call dem de “Ontouchables” or, better still, de “Oncuttables” – still livin’ in luxury,  wevver in de air or ’pon lan’.   
She say evahbody should pull duh weight. Not some – evahbody! After all, we li’l folks en de ones dat got de country in de state it in, an’ aldoh we don’ min’ mekkin’ some sacrifice, why evaht’ing should be ’pon we backs to straighten it out?  Life cyhan go on as befo’, an’ ef we want to put  dis li’l rock back ’pon track, evahbody mus’ help out in wuhevah way duh could. I sugges’ she sen’  a letter to de PM tellin’ ’e how she feel, an’ get it offa she ches’.
Mebbee she could even han’ deliver it! PM been outta de office a lot nowadays, visitin’ nuff people an’ places, so she could ketch up wid ’e in-between one o’ de many visits ’e now mekkin’. He got de very hard task o’ tryin’ to steer dis ship into calmer waters, y’know, so ’e very visible dese days. De day ’e was at dah fancy, big-up place in Sin James, Philomena went peltin’ down dey, but she was too late, an’ when he was hol’in’ dah impo’tant meetin’ discussin’ de layoffs, she did t’ink it hard to interrup’, feelin’ evaht’ing woulda been solve when it finish, but no sech luck. So now, she decide it  mo’ quick to use de Pos’ Office.  
But de PM en de onlies’ politician mekkin’  de roun’s. De Barbados Labour Party tekkin’ duh message to de streets to open Bajans eyes as  to wuh really goin’ on. Now, I know miracles happen, but I doubt one put down fuh dem after losin’ duh chance recently. De Dems en leffin’ neffin to chance a-tall. Donville Inniss recently promise Bajans gine get de opportunity to see an’ hear  a lot from dem in de comin’ weeks. Elections done, but I get de feelin’ dis Budget fallout got we politicians still canvassin’ – hard.  
Philomena cyhan wait to siddown at one  o’ de meetings to ax couple questions. She won’ tell muh, but I believe I got a good idea. Dah meetin’ cyhan miss me!
Tek care o’ yuhself.
Yuh frien’, Babsie.


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