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PUDDING & SOUSE: Ex-PTA official under a cloud


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It’s only the second week of school but a parent-teacher association (PTA) has served notice on management that it intends to deal with a former official.
Apparently, the PTA is planning to publish a notice in the newspaper letting the public know that the former official was no longer authorized to solicit funds on behalf of the school.
They are also planning to file a report regarding the individual’s failure to provide information about a fund-raising effort.
Day care or shop?
Customers and friends of a well known shopkeeper want to know if he is operating a nursery or a shop.
Word circulating in the district is that the shopkeeper’s non-national girlfriend has another bun in the oven, bringing her brood to seven.
And loyal customers, who have been supporting the shopkeeper for years, are now planning to go to another shop to lime because they can no longer watch their favourite sports on the TV because every day the children are lined off in the shop watching cartoons.
They have also been complaining about the poor service because the shopkeeper is so busy taking care of his growing family that sometimes customers have to wait as long as half-hour to get even a glass of ice.
Naked truth
Things got really X-rated when a female employee took off her clothes and ran through a yard naked and a supervisor and a worker spilled the beans about their homosexual relationship.
Employees thought it was a big, fat joke when the woman, who is related to a well known person, started to take off her clothes after one of her colleagues advised her that she had to take an AIDS test if she wanted to apply for a life insurance policy.
It appears that she wanted to show that she could get naked anytime, but no one clapped when she ran through the yard in nothing but her birthday suit.
Tongues were also wagging out of control when a supervisor and a worker had a heated argument and the employee allowed the supervisor to know that he was no longer cooking for him and washing his underwear.
Now workers did clap for that one!
Double trouble
A certain St Michael woman who has been living a double life for years is now in serious financial trouble after trying to trick her husband, the woman she has been sleeping with for years, and a new male lover.
Apparently, her husband got so fed up with her closeted gay lifestyle that he finally walked out on her, took his name off all the bills and left her high in debt.
Unable to turn to her female lover for help, she decided to hook up with a man in order to get her bills paid.
But her jealous female lover decided to stab her in the back by spilling the beans about their relationship to her new male lover. She apparently told him they had been lovers for years and the woman was only using him to pay her bills.
The gay cheater is so afraid of losing her sugar daddy that she is going all out trying to convince him that she is a decent housewife.
This love triangle is sure to get heated but friends are warning the man to put wheels on his heels, just like her husband, and get out of there.


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