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What’s Trending:Camouflage in focus


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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending in Barbados today.
The illegality of the wearing of camouflage is being discussed by our readers after Inspector David Welch of the Barbados Police Force issued a warning saying the illegal practice was getting out of hand.
Tristan Str Morris: “The thing about this is, we live in a society governed by laws that are meant to protect us, regardless of how archaic or trivial. It’s as simple as following the rules, no matter how many more pressing issues they are.
Haynes Egan: “Always thought this law was stupid. Please RBPF”.
Sharon Woolley: “No wonder Barbados is in the state it is. Someone needs to make the police aware they really do have more important things to do daily, not worry about what people are wearing”.
Tanya Perry: Wearing camouflage should be a freedom right.. Stupid reasoning. Let Camo alone”.
Andrew Power: “From a close up perspective I could understand why this law still stands. Due to the fact that as long as civilians see disruptive clothing being worn even if it’s a shirt or a pants, they will associate them with some national defense and security body. Now imagine with this mindset, some low to mid-level civil disturbance breaks out, anyone can don disruptive attire and use it to their advantage. Now on seeing disruptive attire, any civilian would make attempts to yield on command from the person wearing such attire. This presents a disturbing situation. The same can be said under normal social conditions, one or a group of civilians can use disruptive attire to mask unscrupulous tasks to make it appear as an official security operation. An example of this would be land and sea based narcotic activities being undertaken by criminal elements, these elements can attire themselves in disruptive fatigues to make it appear as an official drug interdiction operation”.


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