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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Too ashamed to admit his error


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It is a case of poetic justice for a man who ignored certain warnings about relocating.
Some of his colleagues at an enforcement agency are saying they cannot empathize with his situation.
Apparently, the man had been warned about moving into the building, the location of one of the ugliest national incidents, because it was not ready. However, he defiantly proclaimed that no one could stop him and he expected staff to be there to accommodate him.
While workers who are stationed at another location agree that the conditions may be grave at the former home to the lawless, the man can only blame himself. Not only did he move in, he also brushed aside staffers when they began to complain about bathroom conditions. When the persistent cries became bothersome, he had two of the workers transferred, complaining they did not want to work.
But conditions have deteriorated so badly that now the man in charge is affected and cannot conduct his daily business. While he wants something to be done, he is now too ashamed to admit he was hasty.
Instead, he wants others to fight his battle and get the place cleaned up.
‘Silent’ bells
WEDDING BELLS rang heartily for an attractive politico recently in Antigua, Cou Cou has been told.
There, in the presence of a few close friends, the individual tied the knot with the person who dabbles in numbers that they were rumoured to be quietly dating for some time.
Not present were the individual’s closest kin and political colleagues.
It was that secret an affair.
This politico is said to have hosted a celebration of the big moment with colleagues and a few select others last Saturday.
Unfortunately, some colleagues were a no-show but all present still had a good time, making the event a successful labour of love.
Cou Cou wishes the politico the best of happiness.
Still not a cent
WORKERS WHO supported a politico in the last general election want the individual to stop with the excuses and pay them the money promised.
From what Cou Cou was told, each time the individual is approached, the person says they are waiting for the party to disburse some money and promises when that is done, they will be able to pay.
But the workers are arguing that the politico’s promise may be nothing more than comfort for them since the individual seems to be at the periphery of the party and has been playing no part in anything it has been up to since the poll.
They are suggesting this because the individual keeps saying they are unemployed and so can’t pull any money from their pocket to assist anybody.
So the workers are hoping they will not have to wait in vain for their bucks.
Strange days
ARE THERE reasons other than those given why a captive audience is not enjoying the days of their lives?
Is it true that there are really 500 000 plus reasons why they are being deprived of their daily dose of deceit, dishonesty, scandal and sex?
People in the know are saying that in this digital age, where the transmission of words and images is done primarily via the Internet, there is little shipment of bulk so the reasons being given for a delay are difficult to understand.
So could there be other reasons involved in this saga? Stay tuned.


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