Fear not!


Barbadians have been assured that everything possible will be done to maintain quality care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).
This assurance from Minister of Health John Boyce and a QEH official even in the face of a cash shortage that is making it hard for the institution to readily get needed drugs for patients.
They were responding to yesterday’s DAILY NATION exclusive in which the QEH’s chief pharmacist Basil Bradshaw related via memo to other heads of department that six pharmaceutical companies had stopped supplying 57 different drugs pending payment of outstanding monies.
Speaking on the Government-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation television station last night, Boyce said his ministry was working with the Ministry of Finance to address the issue and it would be resolved.
Earlier in the day, a key QEH official told Starcom Network that the institution received a cash injection of about $2.8 million from Government late last week and this would be used to help pay some of the suppliers. (SP)


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